Dark and Stormie: Teen Mom Family Feud Continues For Farrah Abraham

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The family feud rages on between Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and the family of her deceased boyfriend over visitation of Farrah's daughter Sophia.

"I'm not giving up," Stormie Clark, the mother of Derek Underwood, told Radar Online exclusively after a judge recently denied her visitation rights.

Clark's son tragically died in a car crash in 2008 just two months before his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Farrah Abraham, gave birth to Sophia.

For Farrah Abraham, the battle for Sophia continues.

"In the state of Iowa in order to get grandparents rights your child has to be deceased and my son passed away," Stormie Clark explained.

"Then you have to have had a substantial relationship with the child. This is not fair because I'm not able to do that because of Farrah."

"The easiest thing to do would be talk to Farrah and work this out. I am 110 percent willing to do that, but that's not the case for her. Prior to trying to get visitation I've tried to reach out to Farrah while she was pregnant and she ignored me."

During season 2 of the hit MTV reality show, Clark's daughter Kassy appeared alongside Farrah, who learned the results of the paternity test.

"My daughter is not on the show anymore because Farrah only wanted her on the show for ratings and now wants nothing to do with her," Clark said. "I think Farrah has changed her phone number so none of us can call her."

Clark said she wouldn't visit uninvited, and couldn't anyway: "I don't know where she lives," and fears Farrah would "probably call the cops," she said.

Her only explanation for the familial distance is "she's spiteful."

"She's said on the show that we never supported the relationship [between her and my son], but her family didn't support the relationship either."

"It was just because they fought all the time. And I understand teenagers will do that. They were on-again, off-again, and Derek [my son] would always be upset. I just wanted them to move on because they never got along."

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As a parent you should have every right to make the decisions about who can and can not be around your child. If I were Farrah, then neither crazy grandma would be allowed to see my daughter. Grandparent's rights have been struck down all over the U.S. as being "a given." Many people went through horrible, abusive childhoods, but because there was no MTV film crew it was never discovered. Does that give them carte blanche access to screw up another generation.


OK so farrah is a good an bad mother in between. But being a teen mom is probably a hard thing.but she fucked up for not keeping her legs crosses come on do u really have to be tat stupid.YES shes a childish bitch who manipulates the people who try to help her but dereks mom too all she have done is pretend to supporte farrah if she loved the baby.the way she acts in tv farrah is a bubble gum shuwwing bitch! Anyway have fun


Mtv only shows what it wants on tv. We dont know what was going on with derrick's family when sophia was born. Considering how farrah acts on the show she does seem like she would just use cassie to get what she wants and then drop her as a "friend". NONE of us know farrah in real life besides the 2 sides we get of her on tv, the good and bad. So to say SHES A GOOD MOM is wrong, we have seen her do plenty of irresponsible things and act out in childish ways. Derricks family oviously didnt go on the show just to be on tv that is just stupid to say, they oviously wanted to see the baby, and always have its just farrah is the problem. Unless Stormie has violently attacked farrah (just like debra did) then i dont see a reason why farrah wont let her have visitation rights or even let her babysit sophia.


i think its bs even if farrah is a "bitch" stormie is wrong she could have gone about it a diff way she says she didnt wanna b "used" on teen mom umm... dont u have to sign forms to b shown? i think her daughter went on to get on tv thts the only reason she agreed to do the test n now tht they dont need her on the show thr fighting for visitation? guess thr hoping to get in on a few more episodes


Sophia is a cute lil girl. And her so called mom needs to grow up. She cries more than the baby, and all she wants is money. My kids(yes more than one) dad died but u do not see me acting like a crying bitch.or should i say greedy,self center, evil hoe. My kids have the same dad and they are fine. If you kept your legs close you would not be crying bitch. And will get what you deserve. And that is no happiness. Tramp!


Farrah doesn't know what she's doing. She's so rude to her family. I feel bad for her because she's so angry, but she puts the blame on everyone else. If she's still in therapy, I hope coping with her anger is a priority because she shuns her family, even when they step up to help her. I hope she finds peace, for her daughter's sake.


Farrah's a bitch. She hunted that family down when she wanted Derrick's social security checks for that lil girl. And now she has what she wants. The money and she wants nothing to do with them. If I was his sister I wouldn't have done the paternity test. She didn't want them there in the beginning and then said it was her mother who didn't want them involved. She no longer lives with her parents so what's the excuse now. And she's not a good mother. Did anyone not see the episode where she left Sophia in the sink and she turned the water hot and it burned her. Who does that? Or the part where she left the baby on the bed and she fell and hit her head. And the dummy let her go to sleep afterwards. She def deserves mother of the year award. NOT!!!!




im not for farrah but my exmother in law never makes an effort to c my daughter but accordin to my ex she misses her granddaughter she knows my number n address but she never reached out. n i feel if this stormie lady really wanted a relationship she would of made this fuss before not after even is farrah is the cause y go to the courts now not before? it jus seems lyk she saw how bad she lukd after no one would go n take the paternity test

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