Witness on Justin Bieber Assault Story: Utter Nonsense!

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Justin Bieber did not assault anyone, nor was the singer referred to as a homophobic slur.

So states Michael Kwen, a friend of Justin's who actually played laser tag with him last weekend and spoke to E! News about the rumors circulating around the Internet regarding an alleged incident between Bieber and a 12-year old in Canada.

Here's what actually went down:

Cutie in Glasses

Kwen says Bieber and the boy in question completed their laser tag contest and exited the game's maze. The boy went to his father and Justin approached Kwen.

"He told me that he accidentally hit the kid while trying to escape by running through him and his friends," Kwen said.

There was no punching involved and no one used the word "faggot," as reports have indicated. But one item does appear to be valid: The boy's father's went off.

"He was yelling, like he was a lawyer...saying that Justin Bieber assaulted his kid," Kwen said of the scene. "[But] it was just a normal game of laser tag, people will always bump into you."

Sources say this money-hungry adult will pursue charges against Bieber, likely hoping for a quick settlement and payday.

Overall, Kwen concluded: "Nothing actually happened... it's funny how the story always changes. First it was a slap, then it was a punch and now there's homophobic slurs. None of that actually happened at all."

Good. Now we can simply return to reporting on Bieber's music and his hair and his dashing looks and his dedicated fan base...


I'm not a particular Justin Bieber fan, but I still think that this is true. I highly doubt that he would punch the kid or anything, that's kind of unrealistic. The reason why it's such a popular belief is because of the h4t8rz trying to find excuses to bash Bieber. If you are one of these people, then think logically. Don't just hear one person's opinion on it, and come to a conclusion. Look around, try to figure out what Bieber's personality is like, etc. Don't just look at the negatives in him, as well.


@kylie: becuz hes gay
Sike naw i have nothing against him accept tht my lil sis and my [girlfriend] are in luv with him


I love Justin Bieber I have Bieber fever love J-B what did he do to you? yeah right he is so cute and sweet nice and funny give mme one thing why you dont like Justin because I love him and I always will because he should not be blammed on we all have worries even me so dont hate Just Bieber care for him you dont have to love him like I do just "stop treating him like dirt dont talk behind his back (JUTIN-BIEBER WAAS MADE TO BE A STAR)!!!!!!! (Kylie Davis) I love J-B


A kid cant hit a kid ,but yeh kids do fight, it is possible dat he must have hit the kid
anyways bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




fuck that white cunt.




Just a quick word.. BOLLOX! Justin would never hit a kid! Jesus.. Money hungry twats.. First Michael.J then Brit Spers now him.. GET A LIFE!


I'm so not a JB fan, if his songs come i turn the radio off. But I know this is blown out of proportion. Not just the news, but everything! I dislike him, voice and music and persona (personally he comes off as a little slut) but you can't wish he was dead. Thats ba. AndJB fans,if you love the kid so much (don't see why, he could use a few trips to the gym and a male haircut. Dashing, i think not) but control yourself. Everytime we haters are all just jealous. Take a look at who you hate, ur jealous to


why the hell would be want to do that


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