Father of Alleged Laser Tag Victim to Pursue Charges Against Justin Bieber

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It sounds like Justin Bieber may really face charges for the alleged assault of a 12-year old.

While many details are unknown because the parties involved are under 18 years of age, we do know there was some incident at a laser tag facility in British Colombia earlier this week.

Posing Alongside a Fan

There has been no comment from Bieber, but multiple sources claim the singer was the victim of harassment and finally shoved a kid's hand away after being referred to as a "faggot."

Despite Justin's apparent innocence, Ace Show Biz reports that the father of the 12-year at the center of this drama is determined to pursue the case. He's filed a formal complaint with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Whatever happens, Bieber seems undeterred. He's set to record an anti-bullying PSA and he Tweeted the following message after a concert last night: "Vancouver thank u for your support tonight. WE BACK!! #MyWorldTour."

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i think the adult in the situation should really get a reality check this kind of stuff happens all the time just because justin beiber has money doesnt mean you can sue him seriously if i pushed your son would u go and sue me? no you wouldnt so leave him the hell alone i hope he really did punch your kid in the face because hes most likely going to have to pay for bumping into your little twat of a kid,


Justin Bieber = lotsa cash... Opportunist lawsuit seekers = Justin Bieber. Rat bastards. Leave him alone!


How old are you people? Does no one know any proper English? Do any of you go to school?!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! lil kids can b soo freakin stupid & its the kids parents fault for not raiseing him betta!!!!! he should have been taught not 2b callin ppl names!!!!!!!!! and ya kno wat i would have done the same thing as justin did & mayb eve worse!!!!!! parent of the 12 year old boy u need 2raise yo kid jus a lil bit betta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! justin i support u 110% its jus some stupid parent wanting some money!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Justin Bieber deserves this. He is the gayest fagot to ever walk on earth and sounds like a 12 year old girl.


what the hell thats not kool at all man levea my man justin alone LoVe OnE LeSs LoNly GiRl


some stupid money grubbin parent tryin to get attention and money ..sounds like the kid probably deserved getting pushed away..probably went cryin to daddy whinnin about somebody smackin back..the kid probably is a bully and didn't get away with it that time..so hes whinnin about it...


WTF thats messed i dont believe justin is that kind a person and even if it is true he shuldnt have to face charges i mean if he said sometin wayb wway worce or did smtin he shuldnt have then facin charges but 4 tis that is just so stupid so again from me WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM PEOPLE TRYOIN TO BLAM MY MAN FOR SMTIN LIKE DAT I DNT TINK SO


thats stupid i would have done worse but violince isnt the answer to EVERYTHING i agree with u 100% all the way u deserve respect around the world!


another greedy ass parent trying to milk some kind of cash out of someone else's pocket, behind there bulling ass kid...Justin should of slapped both of them!!!