Justin Bieber: Investigated for Laser Tag-Related Assault

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We already knew that Justin Bieber's looks were so cute, they were criminal.

But might the same be said about his actions at a laser tag facility in Canada?

TMZ reports the singer is being investigated for an incident that took place in British Columbia Friday night, as a 12-year-old boy claims Bieber hit him.

A rep for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police says this boy's father told them about the alleged assault, while cops confirm they are interviewing witnesses. Further reporting by Canadian blogger Zack Taylor quotes a staffer at the facility who says Justin was cornered by several others during a game "and accidentally hit the kid while running away."

Sources within Bieber's camp say any report of an assault is untrue.

We have serious doubts about it ourselves. Justin Bieber breaks hearts, not noses.

** UPDATE: Insiders now say Bieber responded to a jerk of a fellow laser tag participant who was constantly harassing the artist. The boy whose father complained to the cops allegedly referred to Justin as a "faggot," to which Bieber replied by slapping the kid's hand away.

No punches were thrown and witnesses say Bieber even showed impressive restraint, considering the moron surrounding him.

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Ya'll are a bunch of faggots.


They only wanted to say that is because they wanted some money. Justin Bieber would never hurt anyone or anything. So they need to go somewhere with all that. They need stop lieing and go sit down some where. That's how I feel about that. That made me mad when I found out about that. So yea like I said that little boy and his daddy need to go sit down some where with all the lies. Thank you!!!


justin iz crazy. He probabaly hits little kids every day.


Justin shouldve hit him im a boy and im not very all that about j.b. BUT come on he's a kid like me if he hit me it was an accident if he did it on purpose i would've whooped his ass not go bitch to my mom or dad!


that 12 year old kid needs to like shut up because Justin Bieber would never do anything like that. the 12 year old kid just wants attention and is just jealous! and i bet that kid is probally ugly and jealous that Justin is HOTT!! and gets all thee girls! and the dads kid dosent even know what happened so he has no right to do anything and of course Justin couldnt do anything back to thee kid becuase if he did then it would be all on him and nuthing on that stupid kid.. so thee stupid kid needs to shut up I


Justin Bieber would never do that...


justin whood never hit a 12 year old that is stupid but if i was justin i whood of hit the kid if he called me a faget i whood hit the kid




by the sound it way an accident!!


im sorry but fuck that kid hes retarded i bet he never hit him him bitchy little kid dumb ass thank you do not repeat this very bad hehee