When Will Mel Gibson Apologize?

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Even the most sympathetic Mel Gibson fan knows it has to happen.

No, he hasn't been charged with a crime (yet). No, Oksana isn't some sweet, innocent victim. No, his firing from The Hangover 2 probably wasn't totally fair.

Mel Gibson and Some Sketchy Old Guy

Still, the Mel Gibson rants are what they are. Repulsive, scary and unbecoming of any human being, let alone an all-time movie star. So where's the apology?

Mel Gibson will finally testify next week in his child custody case. But in the court of public opinion, the actor has more than a little explaining to do as well.

According to reports, the actor is starting to realize that remaining silent may be a smart legal strategy, but it's doing him no favors in the eyes of the public.

It's only a matter of time before the fallen star tells his side of the story, at least in part, if for no other reason than to begin resurrecting a tarnished image.

Since the second the tapes were released, every media outlet has been contacting Mel's people asking for an interview. No response. But that might change.

"Mel has finally realized if he doesn't say something, it might be too late," says a source. "The days of just hoping this whole ugly mess goes away are over."

Mel could pretty much hand-pick any media outlet, and everyone from Oprah to Letterman and The View, but insiders say he'll likely sit down with a male.

"Mel did an interview with Diane Sawyer after his anti-Semitic remarks several years ago, and that didn't go so well for him," a friend of the actor says.

"Now, with the stakes even higher, everyone thinks it would be better for a man to sit opposite another man to discuss everything that has been going on."

"I suppose the first choice would probably be Matt Lauer. It's certainly not going to be Oprah Winfrey after she almost got [Oksana Grigorieva] to tell all."

Matt's skill and integrity cannot be denied, but no matter what, unless Mel Gibson is willing to accept responsibility, this isn't going to end well for him.

There are details he can't or won't go into given the police investigation, but "Mel must be aware of what he needs to do. And that is to say, 'I'm sorry.'"

Should Mel sit down with Matt? Do you want to hear what he has to say? Should he stay silent and let Oksana ruin him - or self-destruct?


I am on Mel's side, and I am female!. It seems as if most of us are on his side if we are not in the Hollywood arena. Wake up Hollywood, we want him back, and Thank God without his abusive girl friend.


When will Oksana apologize for publicly humiliating him over and over again? Nothing nasty that he may have said to her was shared with the public by him, but she has been on a campaign to destroy him in the media for months. BTW, I doubt he will be giving any interviews until the criminal investigation into Oksana is complete.


Apologize for what?? Being human?


Mel doesn't need to apologize to anyone! except his wife, Robyn, and Kids for getting involved with that piece of garbage who set him up with the help of those people who hate him for making the passion of christ. He was have a breakup and trying to shake dirt from his coattails in the privacy of his home and that thing taped him. That piece of garbage is the one that needs to apologize to Mel first, to Mel's family, and to everyone of us whom she submitted to her private drama. The Media also needs to apologize to Mel for trying to destroy him, judging him guilty before proven otherwise.


"I'm sorry" doesn't mean spit if it's only said to save one's career. Too late for Mel; no soup for you!


Apologize for what? I wasn't aware that his secretly taped, clearly staged by Oksana, argument was any of my business, let alone anyone else's but their's. Therefore, he certainly does not owe me an apology. It was crystal clear by the comments we did hear her make that she was baiting Mel. Can't imagine being so calm if the person on the other end was streaming at me the way he was to her unless I was baiting the person just to get a reaction...which she clearly did.


why shoulds Mel apologize to US! I know you people have been through nasty devorces when the other partner takes you to the limit and you get IRATE!!! Come on people...this is between them not anyone else!! This was pretty calm compared to some of my ex's...I wish people would get real and stay out of other peoples private life...She did just what she set out to do...tarnish Mel by letting private messages to surface...seams like she is the one that has done the most harm to a human being...I am sure many of you have ranted and raved at a spouse at a time like this!!!


This story has been blown out of all reasonable or proporation by the media ... and it is outrageous. Back off and let these people sort out their misery. Mel apologize ... to whom and for what? That biotch entrapped him and is using a child to extort money from him. Did he loose it? Probably, but I'm guessing she worked really, really hard to get him to do so and just happened to have a recorder on (which by the way is not admissable!) It was all about the money the whole time!! There's a reason his ex-wife of 20-some odd years is backing - duh?! If he needs to apologize to anyone, I'm guessing its the wife he left for this skank!!


Mel does not need to apologize to anyone. First, he is fighting for a child and not denying responsibility for her. Second, that female has used the child as a weapon to taunt him. Third, apparently some of those tapes were doctored. Fourth, the femle can make up stories in the blink of an eye. I believe Mel speaks the truth and would never be able to keep up with her stories. There are more reasons, but the one thing that concderns me in this matter is the constant use of :rants." That is a propagaanda terchniue created by a certain group. The group that had that cop watching for him in the LA highways. Personally, if I were taubnted the way that female oe4rates, I would rant too.


The "rants" as they have been labeled are NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! This was a personal matter between two adults. And one of those adults is angry and vengeful and she did'nt get the MONEY she wanted from Mr. Gibson. If anyone should apologize it should be the MEDIA! You guys have no morals or ethics. When a man is beaten down, you go in for the kill without any investigation into the truth of these so tapes. I think Mel needs compassion and help with his anger issues not condemnation but then that doesn't sell in hollywood does it?


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