Mel Gibson Voicemails Leaked: Eight New Rants!

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Just when you think there can't possibly be any more Mel Gibson rants, he apparently left a bunch of voicemails for Oksana Grigorieva as well.

The contents are pretty much consistent with his previous tirades, which were all conversations with his ex-girlfriend that she secretly recorded.

These ones? All Mel.

The phone calls were made, along with the previously-released tapes, on February 18, when their relationship ended, spilling over into the next day.

The couple shares an eight-month-old daughter, Lucia, and are currently at war over custody of the little girl - and over whether he abused Oksana.

Mel Gibson is still under investigation for assaulting Oksana Grigorieva and Lucia on January 6. Police are also investigating Oksana for extorting Mel.

We'll get to the audio shortly, but here are some excerpts:

The Mel Gibson

February 18, 10:27 p.m.: "Arghhh. Arghhhhhh. Arghhhhh. Argh. Argh. I called."

February 19, 12:04 a.m.: "If you want to call me back, I think we should discuss the terms of separation, don’t you? Don’t you think? Yes? Yes, let’s do it. I won’t smoke either, just to f*%k with you. I want to really badly."

February 19, 2.29 a.m.: "Whore. Answer the f*%king phone. F*%king bitch."

February 19, 2:31 a.m. (in reference to a ceremony in which Lucia's placenta was buried in the ground with a tree): "You were a sour faced bitch today. Do you think it was tricky to get that f*%king tree in the hole, the placenta and organize that $h!t?"

"Do you know how much f*%king time and money went into that? Did you thank me? Did you even have a f*%king smile on your face? F*%k no ... Everything about you stinks and I am seeing it real, loud and clear. F*%k yeah. F*%k yeah!"

February 19, 3:06 a.m.: "You are f*%king disloyal and f*%king weak. You’re f*%king blind. F*%king thankless. Such a f*%king slut. F*%k you. F*%k you. Don’t ever sleep again. Don’t sleep as long as I don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. F*%king get sick."

"You f*%king ordinary c**t. You are just f*%king ordinary. That goes for the talent too - it’s ordinary. It’s pretty f*%king common. I’d like to see you play a concert sometime. You make mistakes all over with live performances. You can’t do it."

That's cleaned up, too. Follow the jump to listen to Mel Gibson's voicemails, which are extremely vulgar even by his lofty standards ...

Oh. Dear. Wow. Well, whose side are you on?


To those who says Mel is in need of therapy, following up with passing judgement based on recorded messages needs to get their head out of their clogged plumbing and let the septic release.. It's a break up. A person is hurting bad and against everything rational vented on an answer machine. There's his therapy. Cheers Mel. I think you're right up there with the good guys. Next time don't hook up with sprogs of the cold war..
It's in the genes mate... Kia kaha!! ( Be strong!! NZ maori) Kiwi fan


Mel is in dire need of therapy.Any one in their right mind would not be losing it on these tapes.I think it finally hit him that he got taken in by this alleged gold digger and celebrity wannabee.he know knows she took him for a ride by his D*C* and he gave up his decent wife of 28 years for this young and unscroupulous young woman Even having said that I do think the tapes were dodtored and she was pushing his buttons to help them over the edge.The loser in this mess is that poor baby.both Oksana and Mel need therapy for different it for the kids!!!


whoa!!! is all i got to say about this... even if she's trying to get him for money.. he's digging himself a hole... this is about a child caught in the middle.. and the father and mother are acting completely insane!!! come on.. act like grown ups and step up and be decent for the sake of the child.


It is not Oksana's abuse allegation alone that has destroyed what was left of Mel's already tarnished reputation as a drunken anti-Semite. It's his voicemails, in which he exposed himself for what he really is - a controlling, foul-mouthed, bigoted, abusive, threatening, raging, out-of-control and scary individual. I pity that poor innocent baby girl if Mel remains involved in her life as she grows up.


Search Green Card Hunters to learn the steps such Ukrainian Russian women do to westerners. Falsiying abuse accusation is an essential steps of the scam. If a lot of money is involved, well, the ski is the limit on what they can falsify. They know the western laws and loops b efore they leave their countries. They always do it. It is a standard procedure. It is a national pride and honor to decieve westerners. Anyone like them would help them as well. Mel is lucky did not marry her. He is still alive. These women the way they get the citizenship is file for Protection from abuse and the man won't be abe to defend or do anything (guilty by default) and even if they can not prove it, it does not matter. See the Immigration law for Self-petition. It is a scam and she did it. All Russians and Ukrainians know that, only few westerners do.


So why doesn't she just go back to Russia, take her baby and chalk this up to another "sad story in the life of ...." You think Gibson would act this way in Russia? hahahahahaha THAT would be newsworthy. He'd simply disappear ..... really quite simple. He's a has been, shoulda been, coulda been and never will be again. He's a nasty drunk. Nuf said ..... I grew up with one. And know first hand how utterly cruel they can be ..... that's not love people. It's nothing but insanity.


If Mel never abused his long-time wife Robyn (if true!), my guess would be that it was because she played the long-suffering obedient compliant wife who let her husband be the 'Ruler' in all things. His fragile ego seems to require that! By the way, at one time Robyn did threaten to leave him because of his alcoholism, after which he briefly cleaned up his act. It seems now that Mel can't handle a woman who isn't smilingly putting up with his bullcrap and ignorant caveman approach to the female gender. Shame on Mel!!!!!!!


When i was 26 yrs old, I'd slept with four men *(and at that time, I was a full-fledged 10). I had PLENTY of offers from older men who wanted to support ME in the styles to which these very wealhy guys had grown accustomed. Money, gifts, jewelry ... all attempts to literally buy me. Unlike Oksana, I chose a career in marketing that supported me in style *and my son who I raised as a single mother because I left his father when he was 2-yrs because he was a "controlling, self-deluded CEO who expected to manage my money as well as his (because, after I was just a woman).


Ana: Tell that to the UK DAILY MAIL. I think if they had erred in what they'd published, since this story came out a year ago, it wouldn't still be up on their website. THIS "marriage" took place almost 20-YEARS AGO. Where you in Britain at THAT time?


Oh, yes, she was married to him for a couple of months, but somehow managed to get her British citizenship BECAUSE of him!
One, has to be married for 3 years to a British citizen to be able to apply for citizenship. Someone who is not married, may apply after 5 years of living in England.

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