The Hangover 2 Cast to Mel Gibson: You're Fired!

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It looked like Mel Gibson's cameo in The Hangover 2 would mark his return to the big screen after a tumultuous year. But instead it was just a big headache.

Despite approval from the studio, plans to feature the troubled actor in the sequel to the hit film were axed after some people objected. Gee, wonder why ...

"I thought Mel would have been great in the movie," director Todd Phillips said.

R.I.P. Mel Gibson's career (1976-2010).

"But, I realize filmmaking is always a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

It's unclear who objected to Gibson's involvement in The Hangover 2, but we doubt it was a short list. After all, he's offended pretty much everyone.

When you're a raging misogynist, racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, hate-spewing psychopath making death threats your ex, the bases are covered.

On the flip side, Mike Tyson of all people appeared in the original Hangover. He's a convicted rapist, yet somehow this was kosher with producers.

Hypocrisy? Or the cast and crew's right to decide for itself? You decide. Vote in our poll below: Should Mel have lost his role in The Hangover 2?


You guys are all comparing what mel did to what tyson did. They never said why they don't want him in the movie and something tells me it has nothing to do with their legal troubles. Like someone else said they knew mel was signed for weeks before making this decision so obviously he must have done or said some messed up stuff knowing him. Just saying...don't always come to conclusions cause some reporter says their opinion in an article with no facts being stated. The fact is the actors didn't comment on who or why they made that decision. Also from a business point of view that's almost a million dollars for and actor that would scare more viewers away than the ones now boycotting cause he's not in the movie anymore.


Thay boycott him becouse he dont like that loby or have bad experince . Insted of boycott him boycott them for change .Mister Fisher was guity? you are in the game . Make new approuch . That is enough that stories about rasisam and othersstupidety . Look what thay did to you . Where is your salary +/?


Mel Gibson should feel no remorse for not being picked as the actor. He has contributed some of the best films in filming history. He should be honored and not feel any embaressment from anyone below him. He is every bit as much of a Director/ Actor as any out there. With his great detail in Apocalypto which is much like what is said in a Book called Mormon, He should make a movie detailing what happened in that book and he would win awards. Stay the course Mel!


I agree. Mel has done nothing no worse then Mike Tyson or a lot of other celebs. Rape is a crime that the statue of limitations should never run out on, but still unfortunately does. It is one of the most horrible things you can do to someone. What did Mel do but just shoot his mouth off. Like all of us haven't been guilty of that at one time or another. Funny how all these so called open minded celebs feel its ok to sit in judgement of a fellow star. And they think all of us average joes are hipocrites.


He looks like The Joker without makeup.


If he's a heavy drinker he should be the star. Or was that the guy who was kicked off dancing with the farts and eats hamburgers off the floor. I get all these bozo actors mixed up.


And so the overt and public humiliation begins. I am not sorry for him. In truth I think he has kicked himself many times over for not staying with his wife, This is sad.


Mel is awesome. He is one of the best actors ever. I love all his movies, so why do we have to miss out on any future greats just because of this manipulating whore. We all say and do things we probably shouldn't when under stress. Love you Mel!


Mel is awesome. He is one of the best actors ever. I love all his movies, so why do we have to miss out on any future greats just because of this manipulating whore. We all say and do things we probably shouldn't when under stress. Love you Mel!!


So the cast of Hangover 2 sits in judgement of Mel. Hmmmm.... how strange that they have known about Mel being hired for WEEKS, everything was fine and then suddenly they are all outraged? Suddenly they say it is from public opinion? I hate it when these people treat me as stupid. Public opinion has turned in favor of Mel. Everyone is seeing the true Oksana - a professional grifter and extortionist who has targeted other men in the past same as she is doing with Mel. The DA is on the edge of charging her with extortion and has seized her computer. Something she fought tooth and nail over. Why? If you are innocent, hand over the computer. I will not see Hangover 2 and will be boycotting the "stars" of this movie along with the director.


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