Katy Perry Debuts "Firework" Music Video, Dedicates Effort to Bullied Gay Youth

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Katy Perry's new video for "Firework" debuted online this week, and the newly-minted Mrs. Russell Brand says she's dedicating it to bullied gay youth.

On her Twitter Wednesday, she posted "I am officially dedicating my new video to #itgetsbetter, because everyone has the spark to be a FIREWORK."

For more info on how you can help stop bullying, check out the official website for It Gets Better. Now, check out Katy's latest music video here ...

What do you think of Katy's "Firework" video?


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to be honest that fat girl was pretty hot, I would do her


I love her song :]
Oh ya cuz everyones gana trust a person whos name is randy jacksons butt. Maybe ur da one being a "bit hypocritical"


That fluffy girl is beautiful! Love her face and body!


That fat girl was kinda hot actually


WOW, just WOW katy! I LOVED IT!! ITS SO WONDERFUL!! BEEN LISTENING TO IT ON REPLAY ALL DAY!! I just discovered this song from my friend when i was feeling down. he told me that it really would uplift me and let me know to just be WHO I AM!! ITS GOT WONDERFUL LYRICS! and whoever said those horrid rude comments about katy and or the people in there need to grow up! your heads are filled with hot air and your too stupid to realize the struggles many people have to go through EVERYDAY if they are different because of idiots like you!! ANYWAY! I LOVE YOU KATY!!


@Auggie The video was made for people like you. But it obviously went over your thick head.


Fat girl should have kept her clothes on, ew


@ Marcia B you said it all, it's a great video, and song. Katy Perry is so sweet person.


Wow, I really liked this video. It is different from her other ones. I really like the song too.


Thanks to Katy Perry for her support in the efforts to stop gay bullying. Also, thanks for the message to us straight folks, too, which comes through in "pool party" scene...I was that fat girl stitting on the deck 35 years ago~afraid to join the fun because I was "different"....I wish I would have loved myself enough then to not give a flying f@#k what others thought about my outward appearance...This is a great video and applies to everyone~boils down to the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you....RESPECT AND LOVE YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.