Kim Kardashian Threatens Lawsuit Over Sex Doll Doppelgänger

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Kim Kardashian has no appreciation for the past.

The reality star, who would be a complete nobody if not for her sex tape with Ray J, is trying to erase all memories of her birthday-suit related history. First, she made a stink about Playboy releasing never-before-seen photos from her 2007 pictorial.

Now, Kim wants a sex toy company to stop selling a doll that bears a slight likeness to her.

Kim In Paris

Can't a lingerie-clad model messily eat a mayonnaise-soaked sandwich without Kim Kardashian making it all about herself?!?

Produced by Pipedream Products, the Kinky Kim Filthy Love Doll is described as a "busty bubble-butt bimbo who's had more dark meat inside her than a bucket of fried chicken."

We have no idea why Kardashian thinks this is in any way related to her and her love life.

Shawn Chapman Holley, an attorney for the family, has sent a letter to the company and demanded it ceases production on the doll, lest she file a lawsuit.

But - like Kim propped against a wall and taking it from her latest conquest - Pipedream Products is standing strong. It tells TMZ: "The similarity between the Kinky Kim doll and Ms. Kardashian is purely coincidental."

Seriously, Kim. Chill. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Somewhere, Miles Austin is firing up a video camera...




Granted I only recently started watching Kim Kardasian antics. What I need to know is how does she live? Or better said whats on her resume?? Who pays her what??

Avatar look.... dont be blaming Kim's pregnancy on me i wore a condom ALL THREE TIMES!!!!


Kim and sister Chole needs to leave these blk men alone. They father was living he would want them to be with a Armaning Man.Thank God Reggie & Miles wise up Because if they didn't have money she wouldn't have look twice at them, Thats the same for Odom too.


Kim is a grown woman not a child therfore if she didn't want to do playboy she wouldn't have done it. Kim is the only one to blame for her whore reputation


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