Kim Kardashian on Newly Released Playboy Pics: WTF?!?

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In 2007, Kim Kardashian posed for Playboy. Combined with her Ray J sex tape, this pictorial was the reason she got famous.

Fast forward three years, though, and Kim has done all she can to transform herself from someone known for posing in the buff to someone known for posing in a bikini. It's been quite the evolution!

For that reason, the reality star is reportedly peeved that Playboy has released a set of never-before-seen photos from her 2007 shoot to members of the its Cyber Club. One of them is pictured here:

Old Playboy Pic

"Kim was really upset that the new photos were released," a source told Radar Online, saying Kim feels her mom pressured her into the original shoot. "She freaked out that they were out there, she didn't think that they were going to be seen again."

Earlier this year, Kardashian told Harper's Bazaar that she regrets posing for the men's magazine, even though, ironically, she never would landed the Harper's Bazaar interview without the Playboy spread. Said Kim:

"I'm sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable."

To prove her point, Kim proceeded to get into her birthday suit for Harper's Bazaar. Excuse us while we go bash our heads against our desks...


Hey Kim don't let peoples comments bother you just listen to want your heart tells you, remember time waits for nobody,you are a nice person believe in your self,and God with God anything is possible.


I dont't undastand clearly what is playboy but i some some undastand. So any one clearly tell me 'what is playboy'?


Kim you are beautiful
if we was to meet
i wouldnt be able to speak
cause your beauty would overwhelm me


Who would want to marry someone like this?


I bet she is so loose it is like opening a window and hanging it out in a warm rain.


ok i just found out that kim dated tj jackson so that him and rj nick c and nick lacasy and reggie bush and mile austin and her ex hosband why she have to go black she is so pretty i love her


This women has to keep doing what she does she is very very hot she is the tanned women with the face of an angel with a sister booty


kim you are lovely


If Kim was really upset about her so called sex tape & didn't want to be seen as nothing but a sex object she would not have posed for playboy. Does the above pic really look like somebody who was ashamed of her porno tape being 'leaked'...Er no!!!!
Kim u are a sh*tty liar, you sold that sex tape to vivid for 5 million thus making you a porn star, you then willingly posed for playboy, nobody had a gun 2 ur head even if ur pimp old whore of a mother urged u to do it you could have said no but you didn't - you wanted to keep your name in the headlines.


Kim got deep dIcked in her ass by Ray J!!!!


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