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Is AEG responsible for Michael Jackson’s death?

The concert promoter is livid with that assertion, and refutes Katherine Jackson’s new lawsuit over the death of her son Michael, claiming it had nothing to do with hiring or supervising his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson with his mother, Katherine.

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The company calls the new Jackson lawsuit “inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless” and then goes on to explain its relationship with Dr. Murray.

A statement reads: “Dr. Murray was Mr. Jackson’s longtime personal physician. AEG did not choose, hire or supervise him. That said, and in honor of our relationship with Mr. Jackson and his Estate, we will have no further public statements.”

It is true that Michael handpicked Conrad Murray, but Katherine claims that AEG was negligent because they didn’t check the doctor’s credentials. Katherine also claims AEG pushed Michael too hard during rehearsals for his ill-fated tour.

The singer’s mother says the music icon was weak, frail and suffering from such severe insomnia that the plug should have been pulled on the UK tour he was scheduled to begin just before he died of cardiac arrest June 25, 2009.

Dr. Conrad Murray is also challenging the lawsuit filed by the Jackson family, claiming Michael’s other physicians, such as Dr. Arnold Klein, were negligent.

Murray faces involuntary manslaughter charges in criminal court. Beyond that, don’t expect the finger pointing or lawsuit barrage to end anytime soon.