The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Finale: Caroline vs. Danielle!

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If rumors are to be believed, Danielle Staub appeared in her final, non-reunion Real Housewives of New Jersey episode last night.


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    I have watched the show from the very first episode and believe me, knew that Danielle was a liar and a wack job. How could anyone not realize this? It sure seems funny to me watching what we DO see that anyone finds her credible when she speaks, especially a Judge or attorney! I love Caroline, she is a straight shooter and says what she thinks. Teresa needs to learn to control herself and her temper. Jacqueline needs to get a backbone of her own and stop being a "doormat" for everyone, especially her daughter Ashley. I hope that Dina (the only smart housewife, she quit!) is happy. She is a classy lady and recognized that she wanted no more of the drama in her life. The most awful part of all this is Danielle's kids. How horrible it must be for them having people talk about them and their mother behind their backs. I hope their father comes and rescues them from her. I think from what we have seen, she is unfit.


    Great review, but klunker of a show? Hardly! I can't wait for the reunion show and next season!!! Will the two Kims join? Will Danielle get the boot? Much as I love Carolyn and her stable family, they are boring compared to Danielle drama. What would the show be without her lunacy?


    She needs to straighten up. if I were her ex I would come get my kids.


    they all belong in prison like me


    Well, i do have to say the reviewer made me laugh. Not as much as this show,, but then again, this show would give me a headache. Again like the reviewer has said. I do have to wonder where the reviewer is from? I only say this because , believe it or not, they are like that in Jersey and also New Orleans. eeks, im sorry if i hurt anyones feelings, but i speak the truth here. I found this show funny, totally insane, ect,, lol. And one more thing i like Theresa, but she and her hubby cost the tax payers, alot. With the shopping, and the bankruptcy? (fake diamonds? lmfao) not,, they do that every day there. Pathetic to be honest. But i do hope the best for all the women on the show. I hope they learned something? I have no idea what




    The reviewer is right. The entire scene with Caroline and Danielle was staged by the producers to end this crazy feud between the Mafia family and the prostitution whore and get Danielle off the show before there is blood shed and one of the cameramen or producers get killed in the crossfire. Danielle is paranoid and delusional and really believes the Manzos and Theresa want to kill her and walks around with bodyguards with loaded guns. Theresa and Jacqueline can't be in the same room with Danielle without screaming at her or chasing her. It looks like the reunion is a rerun of the country club drunken brawl minus Ashley pulling her hair. They all act like Mafia wives who live to "protect" their families from their enemies, spend money, drink and eat.


    it was fun watching the craziness of danielle but after a while your stomach can only take so much. so i'm glad that bravo got rid of her (hopefully that's true!) she is delusional and downright psychotic!

    i mean who in her right mind would release a sextape at age 50 when your breasts are saggy as hell and your cl*t looks like an oversized dried mussel. so disgusting.


    This is probably something everyone else knows(except me) Who is Danielle Staub to all the other New Jersey Housewives. Did they go to school together, all live in the same neighborhood? how did they all meet?


    I say bah hum be bug to the previous comments, what else was there to comment on? I love her take on this boring show,it is the only reason I watch. My only add on to this is watching Danielle's kids. They are really hostages here. They appear to be forced and after all her mother has friends with guns and there wack job mother has a "spiritual sex" tape that there being forced to pray will bring them tons of money. I mean I would like to be a fly on the wall and listen to these kids actually all the kids( minus carolines)to what they actually think about there mothers. Ashley has hate in her eyes or is that just dazed and confused eyes. If I were a Housewives of any town kid I'd be asking every 5 seconds is this pretend or is this real now??

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