Danielle Staub: Mug Shot, Coke Whoring Past Reportedly Revealed

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Over the first couple episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub confessed to a two-year phone sex relationship with a man she'd never met; and offered a blow job to some random dude in a restaurant.

Both those developments pale in comparison to Staub's alleged past, which are just now coming to light.

As the show teased in its preview for next week's episode, this Real Housewife was not always a member of the Garden State's elite. She's reportedly mentioned in the 1995 book "Cop Without a Badge," a memoir penned by former FBI informant Kevin Maher.

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Thanks to "Cop Without a Badge," the entire world now knows the history of Danielle Staub and her vadge.

According to this biography, Staub used to go by the name Beverly Merrill. She met Maher at a drug party in Miami in the 1980s. (He describes Staub/Merril as a "coke whore.")

The initial interaction between the pair came after she was released on $10,000 bail, following an arrest for her alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a man who owed her drug dealing friend money.

Maher used his police connections to get Staub off with nothing more than probation, left his wife for her and describes her in the book as:

"Brunette. Long, perfectly shaped legs poked out of her leather hot pants just as provocatively as her braless breasts strained against her low-cut blouse." He also writes that Merril rarely wore underwear and "is a good person. She has no morals, but she's a good person."

Does this sound like Danielle Staub? More importantly, does the following mug shot of "Beverly Merrill" look like her?

Danielle Staub Mug Shots

Asked about these allegations, a Bravo rep (undoubtedly giddy over the exposure), simply said: “Watch what happens.”

Based on a public records search, Staub formerly went by the names Beverly Merrill, Danielle Maher and Beverly Maher.

Wow. Bethenny Frankel is really gonna need to step it up if she wants to remain the most famous Housewife.


What a waste if human flesh...


Love You Danielle!
This is what Single Mothers are made to fell like by those who are married at the Moment! Love you
Love you
Jesus said If they prosecuted me, "they will do the same to you!"


you people need a life!!! there is alot of ppl out there that cast judgement abt things they dont know. And dont u ppl get it this is entertainment!! they get paid for all of this! its truly sad too what society has become. I hope everyone learns something of what they dont want to become! Take a look at ur own lives!!!


Danielle, you really shouldn't eat in front of the camera, it looks like your wearing dentures, and jacked up ones at that. I'm with Caroline when she say's your daughters haved no sparkle in their eyes. Those girls should be with thier dad and step mother, I believe that the girls have a chance of salvaging any of their childhood life with their dad rather than with Danielle. I'm appauled that social services hasn't intervened as of yet.


Danielle, so now your gay, I guess I could see that as you'd be the manly person in your relationship, as I've always said you look like a man. I'm with Caroline on this one "own it"! You ever heard "the apple don't fall far from the tree", your daughters will follow in your footsteps and this is where karma will come in, what you did to Asley will come back 10 folds on your daughters. Karma will not only affect you it'll affect your loved ones.


Danielle looks for DRAMA 24/7. She is a pathetic excuse for a mother. I am sure her daughters have to suffer daily. Just imagine how cruel their classmates are to them. Any woman that would continue a lifestyle that hurts her children should be locked away! Those children seem so withdrawn from everyone, including their mother. Have you ever seen those girls hug or show any emotion to that selfish BITCH. Bravo probably pays more money to her for having her children on the show. It is apparent that they have no interest in being on the show. Their cruel mother makes them so she can make more money. She should stick to stripping for money!! She is obviously so proud of her abilities on the "gold pole" to allow Bravo to film her spreading those ugly legs. Shame on the whore. I hope she burns in HELL...


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Danielle's buddy Danny is a made man in the mafia. His uncle was involved in Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. She whines about the Manzos being mafia people? Puh-leeze. I feel sorriest for her kids, and I can't believe their father has allowed them to continue to live with her.


danielle is a pshyco that needs medical attention asap! those poor kids of her's! i would hate to be the one that had to call her mother! I can't stop thinking about the more everyone looks into this woman and her life, the more she is going to benifit from it! but i guess it's fun to watch someone as pethetic as her! it is surely something you don't see often! what a joke!


To all u people writing all this bull shit about Danielle. U have NO hearts and has to put people down. if u guys seen Danielles youngest daugter singing on her sisters b-day she didn't want to.because of people like u writing about her mother and putting her down. she didn't want nobody to put her down.That made me want to cry just thinking about all the shit that happen with the book.Your kids are not suppost to know your past unless you tell them,not some body telling them.not like when Teresa flips the table talk all that bull shit.What she did, she has to live with it for the rest of her life. just put it like this every body has a mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt,uncle,cousin and friends.That has done something wrong but u still respect them.she is human she grow up with problems.All these things u guy are wright about her.Her kids could be reading this neg.you people need to grow up and have some heart.


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