Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin: More Than Friends?

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Are Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin dating? That's the rumor, again, only it's not being planted by Jon Gosselin to take the heat off his own ass this time.

Kate and her longtime family friend and bodyguard have always denied that there is anything romantic there, although once again, the rumor is surfacing.

Witnesses observed Gosselin and Neild taking long, nightly walks on the beach during a recent vacation to North Carolina with her eight children.

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"They looked at each other like they were an item," an onlooker told Us of Kate and Steve Neild, who Jon Gosselin alleged an affair between in 2009.

This was around the time Jon was putting it to every mediocre girl in sight, and was almost assuredly BS concocted to slander his estranged wife.

Right now, though?

Sources say Steve has become so close with the family that he tucks the kids in at night. He obviously adores Kate. Think it's strictly professional?

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Of course they are having an affair: If they are not, then why nisn't Steves wife invited along. Kate thinks everyone is as stupid as she is. Remember the trip to Alaska when they were panning and someone dropped a wedding ring into the pan? I think it was a secret message to Kate that perhaps his marriage was over. STAY TUNED.


Cant they just be really close freinds? and do we all have to be so damn judgemental? People act like they have never messed with a married man or had a family member freind or associate do the same? Why isent anyone bashing jon for his whorish ways or his bs? Damn kates not the only one doing dirty the only real problems i see kate having are anger and control issues ... Other than that shes straight.... But jon look what all he has done...matter of fact...LOOK AT HIM?


I guess y'all haven't heard about the trip to Mexico - just Kate and Steve. Photos of them walking on the beach say it all. There is no doubt they are involved. She is shameless. First she pimps out her kids for money and fame, throws Jon under the bus (he might have deserved it) then she steals another woman's husband. It doesn't stop with this woman, she is a POS.


Uh..."Kelly Bear"...he's MARRIED. So don't go wishing them all the best. If it's true then she's turned into a homewrecker, not something to be wished all the best about.


I agree with Reed who the hell cares what they do so funny how everyone has to bash Kate when really alot of the public does need to get a life. love ya kate


Someone has pointed out the hand everyone is not stupid. Stars do not have bodyguards as such...this is obviously something more. Strangely enough...must be about the money. Can't see anyone being interested in Kate...such a fake.


the long nightly walks were kate and Steve, the kids were listed as being along on the vacation. What bodyguard tucks the kids in at night, allows his client to furnish (and apparently instruct when to wear) his wardrobe? The boys and steve have been appearing in matching shirts lately and when he travels alone with her, their clothing is color coordinated. This is a thing I find 'cutesy' enough in married couples but for strictly professional relationships (i.e. bodyguard/client) not so much! She wants this guy (although personally I don't see why, he's kind of a shrimp).


Steve continues to be there because he is paid to do so. He is not there because he wants to be, its his job. It has been said time and time again that Steve's wife is a friend of Kates, why is it so hard to believe this is the case. Nicely said Reed, we the public need to get a life.


If Kate is sleeping with the married bodyguard how can that be right? She used to have a few others - where are they now and why did she hang onto Steve and not the others? Not looking good. What is the matter with Steve's wife - doesn't she care? They are fully aware of the rumors that have been flying around Kate and Steve. Can't imagine why he continues to be with her ---- unless-----!


NO,Jon and Kate are two of a kind. Please let us all pray they get back together, so the rest of us will be safe.

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