Jon Gosselin Planted Kate Gosselin-Steve Neild Rumors

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Having already gone public with new girlfriend Hailey Glassman just weeks after separating from his wife, Jon Gosselin is not the most popular guy right now.

This story is not likely to help his cause.

According to Radar Online, Jon intentionally started the rumors that his now-estranged wife Kate Gosselin was having an affair with her bodyguard Steve Neild.

“Jon wanted a divorce from Kate and he also wanted to throw attention away from himself, so he spread that rumor,” a source close to the couple said.

“Jon doesn’t like Steve Neild so he didn’t care about the repercussions.”

Kate Gosselin ended being the one who filed for divorce on June 22.

Jon Gosselin on the Phone

Jon Gosselin makes important phone calls. To Deanna Hummel or Hailey Glassman? To celebrity gossip magazines to spread rumors? Who knows! [Photo: Fame Pictures]

“She didn’t want to. In fact, on the day the papers went in, Kate was with her attorney crying and sobbing. She was very upset,” the source added. “Kate did not want the divorce. She did it because she felt she had to protect herself.”

Steve Neild, who is married, hasn’t been seen with Kate for several weeks, although Radar reports he is still a “consultant” on the family’s security issues.

Kate Gosselin has recently been travelling with another bodyguard, including during her business trip to California last week. Speculation is rampant that Kate is now pursuing several options to further her career as a TV personality and author.

New episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 are scheduled to return August 3. Hopefully we'll see Kate and her backwards mullet in action on the dating scene.


Jon is disgusting. Everytime he opens his mouth I GET SICK! Someone please shut him up or duck tape his mouth closed. Oh and while you are at it, please glue his zipper shut too. I feel so sorry for Kate. Now that Jon is a has been, he is determined to take away the show because he is no longer wanted on the show, and ask yourself why??? He is a PIG and who cares to see his nasty no good for nothing face on TV anymore. He is not the victim. The show has always been good when the money was going in to his pocket and getting him a new car or a hair transplant. Get over your self JON. Kate PLUS EIGHT is what the show already was if you go back and watch it....he was almost always doing what he wanted to do. Go back and watch episodes.


jon you need to set a good example for your children,shame on you.katie and you need towork on your marriage. fame is only for a season.


Jon is a scumbag... pure and simple.


Right on Kelly Jo! I can't believe he had the nerve to take her with him on this "business" trip. And holding her hand in public and posing in pics with her? The ink isn't even dry on the divorce petition. He is a no class bum. I don't care how much $ he has now. He's still a douche. Kate will end up on top. Even with her horrible hair. Soon enough all these young girls he's dating will eat up what money he currently has. How much do u want to bet that before the divorce is finalized, he will be asking KATE for spousal support?


I absolutly agree that Jon is a pig. He has sat back for years and let Kate take care of everything and now he wants to be upset about it? Give me a break. This woman has eight children and a dipsh*t for a husband. She found a way to feed clothe and support these kids....oh yeah and him too... He should at least have the decency to man up and get a job and quit riding Kates coat tails. i toon in every week and its not because the incredible proformance of Jon Gosslin. I have to respect Kate even more for her cold demenor cause if it were me, he would have been knocked off his block long ago. As women we put up with a lot of crap and Im glad Kate finally got tired enough to get rid of him. And for Jon I hope you could read this...Kate is not alone because no one wants her but because she wants you. She is a beautiful talented smart woman. Her only fault is she chose you! Quit spending her money on your drunken wh*r*s!


Ok - I didn't use spell check on that last post because I was too busy ranting and raving and doing it all from my cell phone. The damn thing changed a few of my words. But u all know what I mean, right? Jon is not fashion designer material. He is simply allowing him and his children to be used by the folks with the Ed Hardy clothing line. I can't believe people actually buy that crap. Maybe if they keep giving their clothes away for free, more people will start wearing them. Or the garbage man will become loaded down with that trash...


I agree with the poster who says Jon's a douchebag and blames it on him. We can't know for sure, but my gut instincts tell me that Jon built up a lot of angry resentment for the way Kate controlled him and put him down; instead of stepping up like a grownup man and talking to her about it, he began acting out passive-aggressively; Kate realizes what a disaster it is for her kids if they divorce, and wanted to work things out--as she said, he wouldn't talk about anything. So, he's doing what divorced guys do, being an asshole, gallivanting around France with a younger woman (about whom I know nothing and don't want to know). It's a tragedy. Kate may have been a difficult wife, but the way things went I blame almost entirely on Jon, who is an immature jerk.


As everyone knows,the Gosselins are making scads of money BUT
do they have to use any of this money they're making to buy
all the things they appear to have such as the John Deere tractor, the 4 wheelers, the motorcycle for Jon, the motor scooter for Kate, the playhouses, not to mention the million
dollar plus house with 23 manicured acres & horses, the Nissan sports car, etc. OR are these perks just like all the
trips?? I think its time for them to get off the Super Greed
train and get back to the real world!


Jon is a complete tool and douche bag and now the fat eff thinks he's a model and clothing designer? Love the 50 Cent earrings. Let's stop blaming Kate already. What a loser.


3:53, totally agree with you! Kate had to be the responsible one, so she came off mean! Like giving an allowance of $5.00 for lunch a day? so, i have to take my lunch to save money - i don't have 8 children! she did talk mean to him - after a while always having the buck stop with you, you're tired, mean, grumpy and lot other stuff! He was playing every one because he has wanted out since kate gave birth to the 6 children - he told, kate he didn't find her attracted anymore! can't image how that hurt!

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