Sarah Symonds to Expose Gordon Ramsay Sex Secrets, Dish on Affair

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If you think Gordon Ramsay gets angry at a contestant on Hell's Kitchen, imagine how this reality star will react when he reads "Memoirs of a Mistress: My Time With Britain's Most Fiery Chef!."

That's the title of the upcoming Sarah Symonds biography, in which Great Britain's version of Rachel Uchitel exposes the details of an alleged affair she carried on with Ramsay.

“I plan to set the record straight,” Symonds told Radar Online, giving us a great example of what she means:

“The fact is that Gordon and I had a long relationship, before he became this fame-ravaged, foul-mouthed monster he is today... Gordon’s time was always so limited when we met, so there was a reason why I called him ‘Flash Gordon’ in the bedroom."

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Symonds adds that "the book is packed with hilarious escapades, great fun, great sex and great arguments."

Incredibly, this won't be the first time the promiscuous female has penned an affair-based memoir. She previously wrote "Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman," which followed a fling with British author and politician Jeffrey Archer.

Somewhere, Michelle McGee is wishing she had thought of that title first.


Sex secrets--oh, pray tell he has something different from the rest of us? What he would want to fondle a bunch of grapes? (him being a chef, ya know) Or squeezing a tomato--the mind boogles.


and i believed he was a good decent man.
Poor guy.............


Gordon Ramsay is never like that. We all know him very well. Just don't give a damn to what this 'woman' say. May Gordon be happy with his family


I hope noone buys this book. this woman is the perfect example of what is wrong with women these days. she is a whore that goes after married men and wants to profit from it. that is what is known as a prostitute.


Gordon, you're a fool. Your wife is perfect than that 'straight' woman.


"Get this look" NO F#*+$&% WAY


looks like Gordo likes to sleep with women who look like men.

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