Teresa Giudice: Going Dancing With the Stars?

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Burdened by financial and legal problems, Teresa Giudice is all about making a fresh start. Making money to climb out of bankruptcy would be a nice bonus.

What better place for a reality star to forget about the fact that she really might go to jail than the shiny hardwood floors of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars?

Fourth Place Finishers

According to her recent Tweets, she's considering it.

“I am thinking about doing Dancing with the Stars,” she revealed then asked her 80,352 followers if she should go for it. “What do you guys think?”

This implies ABC has approached her about it, as does this Tweet: “Who should I make them give me as a partner? @MaksimC is the hottest, no?”

Yes, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is the hottest. But he's with Erin Andrews, so don't get your hopes up Teresa. Focus on the bankruptcy auction for now.

Teresa Giudice already has the Dancing With the Stars wardrobe down ...

No Real Housewives have joined the cast before, but plenty of reality TV stars - ranging from Kate Gosselin to Kim Kardashian and Jake Pavelka - have.

Will Teresa follow in their footsteps and receive the fame and paycheck she badly needs as a result? We'll see ... though we would prefer Danielle Staub.

Something tells us her moves on that floor would be straight up Raw.

Others rumored to be among the rug-cutting cast this coming season, which begins Monday, September 20: Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman, Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky and Mike Sorrentino, a.k.a. The Situation, of Jersey Shore fame.

Think Teresa should do it? Who would you most like to see on DTWS?

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omg tresesa on that show please help us all to the lenghts this crazy B will go no one wants to see her muddy up that show ,she really thinks she is important well in her mind anyway ,she should go to church and repent for all the evil she has spawned


just a jersey piece of trash!


OMG!!! Please tell me this is just a joke! I don't want to see her face on Dancing with the Stars,that voice,they way she presents herself,Id rather slit my wrist!


If that poor excuse for a human being Teresa is on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars, I will NOT be watching this season. She's pathetic.


I don't want to see Teresa on Dancing with the Stars! But, wouldn't Danielle Staub make more sense? Everyone, hates her but she is like a car crash! You just can't stop watching! Also, wasn't she some kind of former dancer? Interesting!
Think about it Dancing with the Stars producers!


This woman is so full of herself! Instead of trying to look like the hairy ape she is on the dance floor, she should concentrated on getting her affairs in order. What, does anyone think she would use the money she makes doing dwts to pay back those she stiffed? I think not, she is to stupid and selfish, she would spend it on something tacky for her or those ugly girls of hers. This woman makes me want to wash my eyes out with bleach everytime I see her picture! Yuk!


Maks should get a hot Victoria's Secret model!