Teresa Giudice Really Might Go to Jail

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Teresa Giudice should send a muffin basket to Danielle Staub.

Granted, these two Real Housewives of New Jersey despise each other and went at it angrily enough for the police to be called on them last week - but Staub's antics have distracted viewers from focusing on Giudice's significant problems, which boil down to this:

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

She might be going to jail.

A couple months ago, Teresa and her husband filed for bankruptcy.

But a new report in The Wall Street Journal states the couple allegedly concealed key documents about their finances and business transactions.

The pair is also accused, by According to Chapter 7 trustee John Sywilok, of "making false statements under oath about their assets, income and expenses." He's suing the Giudices and attempting to bar them from clearing their debt under the rules of bankruptcy.

We'll keep readers apprised of this development, along with more troubling news for the Giudices: On August 22, there will be a public auction of the contents inside their mansion.

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Well it is about time she gets called on the carpet for her behavior If this was anyone else she and her husband would already be in jail. I don't feel sorry for her at all. Everyone else has to follow the law why not them


11 millions of debts.If it was me ...i will bury myself into the ground and never come out.Don't talk bad about Kathy and Richie or Melissa and Joey.You both are a disgrace.Go away .Give your spot of the housewives of NJ to someone decent.


Joe and Teresa must give back to the creditors.
11 millions of debts....what did she do with money?
She's so dumb.She wants us to believe that everything is fine....give back the money thats the way to do it.If you don't have it....go clean houses you and your hubby....he calls everyone bad names.....he hates Melissa.


One can only pray they BOTH have to do Jail Time


They won't do a day of jail time,are you kidding me! PPl like this always have the means to get out of trouble.Just like the evening she and Danielle had their fight.Now if that was one of us "regular" ppl,you know we would have been arrested.Just her actions from not wanting to do what the officers asked of her was a statement in itself.She turned it around and was questioning them...lol..some nerve.Danielle has her own issue's for sure but at least she's honest about her past,which is exactly what it is,her "past". Her girls seem well adjusted unlike Teresa's spoiled little girls.Teresa knew all along they were having money issue's.I mean how many hints did Joe have to drop?


I now feel physically ill when I see Danielle's really groteque face but worst of all is how she talks. She is amazingly ignorant, none of these women ever took any courses to become well spoken; they don't know how ignorant and uneducated they sound. I feel so sorry for Danielle's two lovely and intelligent daughters. They must take after a distant relative.
Teresa and Joe are the most stupid,ignorant, and primitive people I've ever seen on television. The ones I feel sorry for are the parents from the old country who can tomato sauce in their garage. Have these people been living in isolation? Teresa didn't know they all had bad Jersey accents? Caroline tries to control everyone, sad, but at least her husband resists her.


I had a good friend of mine go through this same Terresa and Joe ch.7 and they did do jail time. It was a nightmare for the whole family.


THERE ARE ALOT OF PEOPLE HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS, DOES THAT GIVE DANIELLE THE RIGHT TO CAUSE PROBLEMS AND LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY? when her daughter became a model and received a BIG contract she became such a snob. prior to her daughters success she was crying the blues about how broke she was.AND WHERE DOES SHE GET OFF HAVING X CONVICTS WITH HER TRYING TO HAVE OTHERS IN FEAR!!!!!


Let us not forget Theresa lied to US. She lied to the people that watched her every week, fell in love with her children. Even some that wished they had her life, bet they aren't wishing that any longer. My point is, I liked her alot, Now, I don't respect her at all and I think after this is all said and done, she should be removed from the show. Enough is enough.


Teresa deserves everything she gets. She's horrible, and her obsession with the fabulous Danielle Staub is pathetic. The hate her and her co-stars continue to throw at Danielle, has come to a new low with the filmed assault of Miss Staub. Teresa should have been arrested that night, for refusing to present identification to a police officer, along with harassment and everything else. J's daughter Ashley should have been arrested that night, also. Kathy Griffin recently called Teresa a gorilla. Enough said.