Source Spills on Scott Disick Sex Tape, Orgies, Shady Circle of Friends

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Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian told People magazine that Scott Disick is a great father and "obviously not a monster."

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    kourtney your better than this homodude MOVE ON girl He cant and wont get better than you. He looks like a dirtbag dressed in nice clothes


    kourtney you are so augly what is rong with you he needs your money he don't need you that is true we watch every thing he doesn't love you, you have to understand leave him alone are you afraid no one is dateing you .please get over shamed on you you fight with your families that is not ok learn some and khloe they have the best life better than you, i like khloe she is my fever so do kim you the most hated ugly get over with scott start new life.


    Kourtney needs her sister Kim to hook her up with one of her nfl player friends to take her mind off that asshole scott, to see how he would like it!!


    kourtney get real he's a fucken monster and obviously don't really care 4 u get out from under his shell and get sumone new...scott a waste of time a drunk and doll he doesnt no how to treat u!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kourtney should be ashamed of herself for allowing Scott to Sh!t in her face on national tv. Over and over again. He is using every ounce of her fame to get himself a reality show deal... Think about it. He really dont give a damn about this girl. Remember dat horse back rider was getting his mac on, he didnt give a damn. He feels completely safe. He knocked her up. He hit the Jackpot. (If its his baby) Go back and watch the first season of Kourt. & Khloe take Miami.. Kourtney woke up one Morning in the bed with J.J remember. She was all over J.J. dat night. Khloe even thought she BONED J.J. My Magic Powers are telling me this baby favors J.J. She so obsessed with Scott she lying to herself... I dont think she knows if its really Scott's. She just wants it to be. Mark my words... In a short while we will be seeing Scott on a new Reality Dating Show, just like Ray J. Scott is a free loading Dogg... What kind of man Could live off a woman he actually loves??? X


    kourtney wants scott more than he wants her, he already prove that, he's never home with her and new baby like jason on the bethanny show, now that is a happy daddy to be home with there new bundle of joy. she is so stupid, her own family try to wake her up and give her advice but its not clicking yet. hopefully she will awakes soon.


    kourtney your dumb as dumb, you are running away with scott because you are in lust with him, cant you See you can do better than him, stop putting mason in the middle, whats best for mason is a good home. YOU! dont have THAT! Your living in La La!!!!!Land, there's lots of single mothers who done it without asshole daddy and the kids are fine so whats your beef, oh!! that what you want from him.


    Kourtney doesn't deserve that crap Scott needs his ass beat and then needs to straighten his life up


    OMG ...... what drama !!! hahahahahahaha ..... yup, this guy sounds like he's someone you certainly want to bring home to meet the family. Good Lord ... where did she get this one? A yard sale? And then to have a child with this type of sleaze, not a very bright young woman now is she? I feel sorry for the baby. Not for either of the adults involved. For some reason, she thinks this behaviour is okay. Now THAT's sad.


    Im sick of these two lol... Kourtney is starting to get on my nerves. They're just equally annoying :)

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