Will Kourtney Kardashian Marry a Monster?!?

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According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, there's a nightmare all Kardashians share.

No, it isn't that the family is in danger of falling out of the spotlight. They've already started pimping out Kendall Jenner to make sure this never happens.

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Instead, everyone agrees that Kourtney should not marry Scott Disick, as this cover story conjures up quotes and rumors about an upcoming wedding between the reality stars...

This really is an example of Tabloid Journalism 101. Notice that it never says Kourtney and Scott are actually engaged. It never makes any statement that could be considered libel.

Instead, it simply capitalizes a few controversial words and teases readers with vague hypotheticals. Soon enough, Kardashian will come out and blog some response to the article, thereby garnering sympathy and attention for herself.

And the PR machine will continue to go around and around...


wow people need 2 leave kourtney alone. nobody knowz her situation or how she feels. shes with him 4 a while. plus dats her baby dadyy. andd besides dat she left him till he changes so she knows wat shes doing. mayb one day he will change and realize wat hes losing and they will live happy 2gether. love ya kardashians!


Kourtney, love you girls! and your show, but listen to your sister kim she knows what she's telling you, and it's for your own sake, you cant be that lonely that you need scott in your life, bo ho! he's the babys father, so what! your the babys mother, and if you really didn't want scott in your life you kick him out and get on with yours, but we all know you want him more than he wants you, we all see! your just wearing your blinders, i wish you and your baby all the luck in the world. love your show, you are the kkk girls kourtney,kim,khloe


dont be dumb and put up with stuff like that!!!!your better than that dont let him take control of you or you will regret it!!!! put your foot down!!!!for the sake of your kid we love you all take care.


Hello? It is called reality TV. I am sure that none of this is that real. It is all an act. Maybe I am just hoping that somebody as pretty and smart as Kourtney would realize such a dumb butt and move on, kid or no kid.


I like Kourtney but Scott is just a pathetic loser - has a severe drinking and anger problem, and is just using her for the money! Wake up Kourtney you deserve so much better... don't marry this moron - Mason needs a better father figure.. Scott doesn't act like a good one, I feel sorry for Mason...and you!


I love the Kardashians!!! But I cant stand Scott that would be the biggest mistake she ever made and would almost bet on a divorce!!! Kourtney needs to see take a step back and look at reality! I love ya girl but even I wouldnt give him the time of day!!! and you are so beautiful!


true tah but kourtney got do do what she gots to do

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