Dean McDermott in Motorcycle Accident, Hospitalized with Punctured Lung

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Dean McDermott is only famous because he's married to Tori Spelling and the couple exploits its cute children on a nauseating, utterly contrived reality show. It's rather disgusting.

Still, we wish no physical harm on McDermott, which is why we hope he recovers quickly from this week's dirt bike accident. As of this writing, he's in the intensive care unit of a California hospital with a punctured and collapsed lung.

"He's in a lot of pain," Spelling said, adding that her husband has finally concluded his adventurous hobby isn't worth such consequences. "He's taking this as a sign and realizing family is too important to risk his life."

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McDermott was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after crashing on Tuesday. He was bleeding severly at the scene, but was fortunately able to Tweet:

Thanks for the well wishes. A collapsed lung is no fun, and is a lengthy heal. Feeling pretty bad today. Day 2 is always the worst.

With Dean injured, we'll refrain from asking the obvious question here: Who on earth is following Dean McDermott on Twitter?!?!?

Because Tori and her man had often argued about his dirt biking riding, she relayed the exchanged they shared soon after she arrived by his hospital bed:

"When I first saw him he just softly said 'I'm so sorry.'" I just held his hand and cried. That's when he said, 'I'll never do this again. You and the kids mean everything to me.' "

The married pair has two kids: Liam 3; and Stella, 2.


She's not ALWAYS pregnant. My oedlst is only 3 months older than hers & my 4th will be born before her 4th. I'm not ALWAYS pregnant, so there is no way she is either. Stop being so ignorant. Even if she was always pregnant, whay is it to you? My 3rd pregnancy I had no morning sickness. This pregnancy is my only one I have felt braxton hicks with. Those are the two big differences. Other than that all 4 pregnancies have been pretty much the same.


They do not allow cell phones in the ICU of ANY hospital! If Dean was really in intensive care and in pain, he would not have been on twitter or had access to the internet! This is another pathetic media grab by these two no-talented fame wh***s! And I agree with the article, who is following this loser on Twitter???


I only ended up on your stupid site because I was looking for information on Dean after hearing about his accident ... I like Tori and Dean's show ... I don't like the way you reported the story ... I won't be back ... Best wishes to Dean, I hope he recovers quickly.


You people suck for your comments on both Dean and Tori! I happen to be someone who actually enjoys the show, and don't need you dogging them, yet telling the story. From now on write only about people and shows you actually seem to like. Truth be told, you find it important enough to report about, I guess that is because it MAKES YOU MONEY. From now on report the truth, not your opinion!


So there are 38,450 people in the world that REALLY need a hobby? Good to know.

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Get well soon Dean! P.S. We have 8,749 followers, thankyouverymuch. Follow us and add to that total, it's fun!


Dean McDermott has 38,450 followers on Twitter. You only have 8,000. More people follow him on Twitter than read what you just wrote.


Dean McDermott Quotes

"I'm miserable and I'm unhappy." - Dean, getting right down to business, and not just because a lizard crawled onto him (which did happen obviously)

"What's keeping you in this marriage?" - True Tori producer to Tori, who cried and said that when there are children involved, you look at it differently (on reality television if at all possible)