Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Renew Vows, Cry Out for Attention

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What do you do when you're a washed up actress whose reality show is slipping in the ratings?

You make up divorce rumors and then shoot them down by renewing vows with your annoying husband. Isn't that right, Tori Spelling?

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star and Dean McDermott walked down the aisle again yesterday in Beverly Hills.

Spelling donned a white, strapless gown with an open back, as children Liam and Stella were among the friends and family in attendance.

In related news, we apologize for wasting your time by writing about this contrived cry for attention. To make up for it, check out what Robsten told Oprah last week. Now that's breaking news!


That is a beautiful picture I can't get their show anymore I miss it. I got to like Tori after watching the show she has adorable children and Dean treats her good.


Who cares if they renew their vows. Mariah and what's his name do it every other month. I like their show. Their kids are sweet. Good for them. And if they really are just doing it for publicity, then I guess the joke is on you and all the other gossip rags, because they are STILL talking about them!


I actually think they are great. I'm a fan. The show sucked me in, and I love watching it. I think they are both adorable. YUM.


This is just another pathetic attention grab by these two media seeking losers to try to get people to watch their STUPID TV show. Renewing their vows after only 4 years of marriage...what..did they forget them already? They have made a mockery of the institution of marriage, after all, they were BOTH married to other people when they met and slept with each other the FIRST day they met. Dean ABANDONED his newly adopted SEVEN WEEK old daughter to run off with Whori Spelling. And Tori was a newly wed herself when she CHEATED on her husband with Dean. Their marriage has a terrible foundation of deceit, adultery, and selfishness. If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you! Tori will lose him the same way she got him (once he gets some her her money of course). I smell a Home Sweet Hollywood Divorce for season 6. Then, hopefully we will never have to see their UGLY faces again!!!


Dean isn't going anywhere. He dumped wife #1 to jump on the Spelling money train. Now that Tori and her mom are close again, his future as a kept man is assured. Disgusting.

Avatar fools and your contrived bitterness makes you no more funny, tho


Other media sources claim the show has boosted the ratings for the Oxygen channel so what are we supposed to believe snotty comments or what.

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