A Justin Bieber Comic Book: Coming in October

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Justin Bieber owns the most-viewed video in YouTube history.

A movie about his life story is in the works.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the beloved singer is the latest subject for Bluewater Productions and its line of celebrity-based comic books.

Available in October, Fame: Justin Bieber will serve as a unique 32-page biography of the star, as it tells the story of his childhood and rise to stardom. The cover has captured his dashing good looks very well, hasn't it?

Bieber joins Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson, Taylor LautnerĀ  and Kristen Stewart as celebs that have been featured in this series.

Click on the photos below for closer looks at their cover drawings:

Comic Book Rob

ohhh yeahh and justin i heard bout what happened with your eye.hope it feels better.meesage yuh soon :)


Justin is my idol he made me follow my dream so huns since im working on my singing. And i think hes ammazin :):) im 100% sure yal aint gunna get together withh himm hope yur doin well justin :)


I dun't like him, but that scarf is very snazzy.


im getting for my birthday in october!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Well, at least it's better than Soulja Boy's.


hey it is taylor i love if you are wondering how old i am i am 16 i cry about you a lot i wish you ship me some tickets tml love you


but a comic bout his life would be awesome and i movie would be awesomer dude :P


i like justin bieber but tbh i dont think that a justin bieber comic is good becsaue is comics not about superheros and superpower and he hasnt got them even though i love himm and if some retard says but he has got superpowers hess my hero that is gay like have you nothing better to do with your life? ennyways love you bieber and i like the pic on the comic


i really admire Justin bierber with my whole heart and i want to kiss and live with him
it a real nice and romantic life when we are together Briar Rose love you


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