Source Confirms: Justin Bieber Movie in the Works

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He's already conquered the worlds of singing, Twitter and 16-year old girls.

Up next for Justin Bieber: Hollywood!

Sources confirm that an 8 Mile-esque movie is in the works, one that would star Bieber as himself and which would chronicle his life before making it big.

An insider told Hollywood Life that a script is not complete, but studio executives are already joking that the biopic “should be called 4 Mile, or Half Mile."

Back in April, Justin shared his big screen dreams with Teen Vogue back in April. He told the magazine: “We’re trying to set up a movie for me in the near future - it’s going to be similar to the story of how I got discovered."

Bieber didn't exactly struggle in life, but he was raised by a single mother and then discovered on YouTube. From there, Usher and Justin Timberlake fought to sign the cutie.

Two things are for  certain:

  1. If a movie is made, we already know who could play Justin's girlfriend: Kim Kardashian.
  2. There won't be a sex scene in it.
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win is the movie


hi vivgrace musta na


For the movie Justin could use a fan to play as his girlfriend.That would be cool...


Like the whole world hasn't already heard how he got famous enough? Maybe ten more years, then he could make a movie that would actually have a decent storyline. LOL at the Kim thing. Haha


i think justinbiber sould get to exspre,s the way he relly felles


omg!!! a justin bieber moviee!!! cant wait to c it!! ilt justin.. i cant stop thinking about u or listening to ur music! IIILLLYYY! I SANG BABY FOR THE TALENT SHOW AND THE WHOLE SCHOOL WAS SINNGING.. IF U ADD ME ON FACEBOOK I WILL SEND U THE VIDEO, AND THIS YEAR IM GONNA SING ANOTHER ONE OF UR SONGS!!! ILY!


omg! justin bieber in a moviee!!! cant wait to c it!!!! ILY JUSTIN!! ADD ME!! FACEBOOK!!! IILLLYYYYYY


Someone Says: July 14th, 2010 5:08 PM Hiya....!!!! Everyone that writes on here is a loser.." GUESS THAT ALSO INCLUDES YOU ASSHOLE!


justin bieber seriously needs to go back to school & focus on his studies if he wants to be a WAY better person when he grows up!!


oh and not many famous people have a single parent ok just cuz ur jealous doesnt mean u have to be a bitch. and so wat if he was found on youtube he still sings good ok so really stop being a bitch about that to.