Tiger Woods Mistress Count at 121, Tabloid Claims

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We all know the familiar faces on the list of Tiger Woods mistresses - a list so long we lose count. It's a surely incomplete list, but that matters very little.

When you cheat on your wife that regularly with cocktail waitresses and porn stars, the scope of your infidelity remains the same regardless of the total.

Tiger Woods' Kids

Plus, pinpointing the number of total chicks Tiger Woods bedded? Impossible ... for mere mortals. Never underestimate the venerable National Enquirer.

According to that fine publication, Tiger admitted in therapy that he cheated with as many as 120 women while married to Elin Woods - 120 mistresses!

Yet, while coming clean, he reportedly failed to mention the one-night stand he knew would destroy his shaky marriage ... #121 was the really bad one.

121 AND COUNTING: That's what sources claim a sex addiction-rehabbing Tiger Woods admitted he racked up. Solitude in Sweden's looking good now, right Elin?

Could that mean neighbor Raychel Coudriet? The article does not say.

Regardless, the serial cheater hid from therapists - and Elin Woods - this "shocking" conquest, which was the sexual encounter that drove Elin to divorce.

Really, guys? After the first 110 hoes, she didn't see his true colors?

It's worth noting that she has not filed for divorce yet, and the Enquirer claims that she reacted as such only after the Enquirer was revealing the story. 

What total nonsense, yet utterly impossible to disprove. Pulitzer-worthy coverage of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, and accusations of "stunning" affairs between Barack Obama and Vera Baker notwithstanding, this is what they're good at.


If it was 120 women over 5 years, that is only 24 women a year. He may have had 2 a month and still remember who they were. Still only 24 women a year. However, there could have been 1 0r 2 that slipped through as one night stands. Gotten but may have been forgotten.
I say, only ONE is enough to break your marriage vows.
So THAT is probably what broke the camel's back. It only takes one!


OMG Tiger is a man-whore. At this point who cares? I doubt his wife really does, and his children are too young to know. BUT, when they grow up, I'm sure all the dirt, all the inuendos, all everything will be brought up again, just for the hell of it. If Elin can provide some protection for her children, why wouldn't she? She's a mother, she'll protect those two little ones with her life, and her close knit family. Good for her. Tiger will hopefully just be a faded memory........and nothing more.


I recalled way back in Jan and Feb when Tiger was still in rehab, there were e-news saying Tiger told Elin in Disclosure Day that he had affairs with just 5 women and Elin didn't believe it... Oops ! So now the tabloid changed their mind to juice up their gossip with 121 women thinking that going to the other extreme of the scale will beef up the sex scandal more... I have no respect to the tabloid... They just wrote stories... and the horrible thing is some people read them and were dumb enough to believe in everything the tabloid said and started to scorn Tiger or Elin... People, "think", I am not saying Tiger didn't cheat (in fact, he admitted he cheated and asked for forgiveness), I am saying is the tabloid is heartless and unethical in making up stories...


This is completely inhuman to try and put more pressure on a couple with two kids to get a divorce. Let them decide on their own and not add to to the wounds that are already there!


Since the tabloid is so creative, brutal and inhuman, why don't they just "invent" an even larger number of women , say 1200 instaed of 121.... I have no doubt that Tiger Woods cheated, and most likely not just a handy few women...but, gosh, the tabloid need not sensationalise stuff to 120 women to put pressure to a divorce... This is malicuous alleged reporting... Is this media reporting ?? or fiction writing ???


The media have been doing their best to encourage Elin with public peer pressure to divorce Tiger, as they always do to create more drama, and if the kids suffer it creates more news they can report. I have no objection reporting events that happen themselves, but sometimes the media tries to pressure people into behavior they may not have chosen without that pressure, and I object to that kind of manipulation.


If Tiger Woods had indeed cheated on 100+ women in last 5 years, he wouldn't be able to remember which is which, and needless to say being able to provide a detailed list... The tabloid should all go to be fiction writers...


The media is just trying hard to ensure a divorce will happen... Bad heart to target at ruining a family !!! Do anyone believe that a man will have so much memory to remember more than 50 of the women...probably didn't even remember the surname... So how come Tiger Woods has such extraordinary memory to remember so many women names ... The media should change their jobs to be screen writers...

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