Raychel Coudriet Alleges Affair with Tiger Woods

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Raychel Coudriet is a 22-year-old girl who lives in Tiger Woods' Florida neighborhood. That alone means the odds of him sleeping with her are pretty high.

He supposedly did just that, she alleges, and their alleged one-night stand took place less than a mile from his home. She recently decided to come clean.

Why? Like all the other Tiger Woods mistresses, she feels entitled to cash in, and is somehow shocked and livid that she was but one of many conquests.

Dude was cheating on Elin Nordegren with all of them, keep in mind.

According to sources, Tiger Woods and Raychel Coudriet met one night and hit it off. They began making out within sight of his house while Elin was home.

They then had sex in a private office the superstar keeps nearby.

Raychel Coudriet: Tiger Woods Mistress No. 14. Maybe 15. 16? We forget.

True to form, Tiger Woods texted Raychel repeatedly after the tryst. She apparently felt guilty about having sex with a married man and never did it again.

Clearly he was devastated and vowed to change his own ways.

The National Enquirer was first to reveal Tiger’s double life by outing his relationship with Rachel Uchitel, and they're behind this new mistress' unmasking.

You would think that discredits the report right off the bat, but they're being considered for a Pulitzer for uncovering the John Edwards love child scandal.

Besides, this is Tiger Woods. Do you doubt it for a second?

At this point, you could tell us he and Tiki Barber had a devil's three-way with Traci Lynn Johnson and we'd buy it. Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.


Another Rachel for Tiger. This one will give birth to the next tabloid scandel.


what a sex freak


Elin, you and your kids should move on coz don't think he's gonna stop cheating on you. do what is best for you and your kids.


It says more about her lack of morals than it can ever say about his. Now, how does she think she will ever find a good man to marry her now that she has disgraced herself in the tabloids. That goes for all the jump offs.


The is the best looking whore of the bunch


Tiger: there is no decency in you as a man. Anyone who cheat's on his wife the way you have should never be forgiven. I do not blame Erin for leaving you--two beautiful children, a beautiful you are nothing but a whoremonger, and you will never change. Sure greatest golfer ever, but that doesn't excuse what you have done to your family, and your mother. I hope your father turned over in his grave. Forgiveness, never. God only know's how many other's will show up and that is more the reason why Erin should never take you back. You are nothing but scum. Not a man, and no money in the world will make the difference. All the forgiving episodes and the treatments will never change your ways. Once a whoremonger, always a whoremonger. Maybe someday you will catch something that you will never get rid of. Scumbag, et al!


Elin, save yourself and your kids.....dump this cheater!!! Move on!


He should have used an app to hide his calls and contacts, something like bbCalc for the iPhone!


Do people really believe in all of these e-news that Tiger had sex with women from waitresses, porn-star, nightclub managers to even now daughter of neighbour ???? It comes to a point when people become crazy in believing in every e-news that whoever woman come up with a story then peole automatically take it for granted as true... I feel some of the women are paid by tabloid to create stories to keep the scandal juice going...Qestion for Alyssa is : Now that this is a neighbour's daughter, and Elin and her kids mignt encounter the parents, so do you think Tiger shuold clarify/deny affair with neighbour's daughter if untrue ?


Women , women , women, What is wrong with you...
Why not say NO to a married man? you are all stupid and Devilish
to sleep with Tiger Woods.....

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