LeAnn Rimes to Brandi Glanville: Back Off Lady!

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LeAnn Rimes is straight hating on her boyfriend's wife. Don't we all?

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    Did anyone ever stop to think that even though they 'cheated' that they may ACTUALLY be in love?
    Now what if LeAnn and Eddie have children-who is the more dominent woman then? I think people just need to leave LeAnn alone and focus on the fact that (yes!) she has an amazing voice.


    Brandi should have gotten a C and D order for LR when she kept calling her home. Their careers are toast. What careers they had. He was a wanna-be and she is an out of date singer. You can NEVER justify adultery and trashing the mother of his children, the woman he chose to be the mother of his kids. Grow a pair,Eddie and leave while you can sleep-overs at LR pad with your children are immoral/


    Cease & Desist? Leann is nuts. Brandi is the one who should have issued the C&D. EC's parents can't stand LR but love Brandi. What does that tell you. You don't see Brandi out grabbing headlines like LR & EC. Those 2 cheaters make me sick. I'm so glad he was fired from CSI Miami (which was my favorite show until they hired him). Now I can go back to watching.


    Unbelievable? ! First the People story forgiving herself adn then the threats againt his wife of ten years.

    Rimes finally realized every one of her actions was destroying her career, and for GOOD reason. Spin was necessary to attempt to salvage her reputation.

    Congrats are in order to her publicists for the People article. However, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still just a pig.

    Seriously, WHO calls a married man AT HOME for weeks?
    WHO threatens to serve a lawsuit on the wife and mother of his children in their own home?

    Sorry, Rimes, no publicist can save you now.
    Unfortunately, it won’t work. Neither will the one person pretending to be 20 people praising you here, on this silly site.

    Rimes isn’t only an adulterer, she was a Sherman tank bulldozing a family until she got her victory.

    Congrats LeAnne! However, your C list career isn’t going up now or ever


    If he/she cheats with you,he/she will cheat on you.


    This is about one thing and one thing only, Leann is trying to sell her single and album and what better way to do that than create a scandal. Leann has been tweeting about BG kids and she has the nerve to pull a C & D?


    Ugh! Why do these cheaters marry anyway????? Why don't they just stay single and keep their ways out in the open? I guess they just like hurting people and playing games with their hearts and lives. He's lucky his tires were all she slashed.......He could have been searching the freeway for a body part.

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