Brandi Glanville Admits Eddie Cibrian Tire-Slashing

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What do LeAnn Rimes, Scheana Marie and Carrie Underwood have in common?

It was Eddie Cibrian's alleged (or confirmed) dalliances with the first two and a certain song by the latter that send scorned wife Brandi Glanville over the edge.

Cibrian, who stars on CSI: Miami, filed a court declaration in a custody battle with his soon-to-be ex-wife, stating she slashed the tires of his Harley Davidson.

And she very much did!

"Yes, I slashed his tires," Brandi Glanville tells E! News. "It felt awesome!"

Brandi Glanville on The Real Housewives

Eddie Cibrian's cheating with LeAnn Rimes, who he is now dating, ultimately ended his marriage to Brandi Glanville. He was also fooling around with Scheana Marie.

The domestic dispute occurred August 1, weeks after the couple had separated, but while Cibrian was still living in the family’s guest house, Glanville recalls.

"He broke my heart, so I broke his Harleys," Glanville says. "It was right after I found out about girl No. 2, and I had that Carrie Underwood song in my head."

"I just went for it!"

Glanville is referring to waitress Scheana Marie, whom Cibrian reportedly hooked up with earlier this year, and Carrie's tire-slashing anthem "Before He Cheats."

In court documents, Cibrian says Glanville "verbally and physically attacked" him and "in a fit of rage, slashed the tires of my Harley-Davidson motorcycles."

Hey, at least he wasn't riding one of them at the time, like when Elin Woods attacked Tiger, resulting in his ill-fated, now-infamous Cadillac Escalade getaway.


Something was or wasnt hpnpeniag the the Cibrian home because happily married men do not cheat even if they are awy from the home. Not saying Brandi is at fault but things were not happy.

@ Lale

That is complete crap. There are selfish men and women who will cheat and feel entitled to do so, regardless of how wonderful their spouse is or how happy the marrage is.


Elin DID NOT attack Tiger so let's get the facts straight. Never happened. As for these 3 twits, they ALL need to grow up.


Pot calling kettle black I see....Leann and Eddie have shown what kind of "heart" they have over and over again these past few months.
Two selfish narcissistic people. If the kind of "goodness" you condone is adultery then you are one very sad individual indeed. Oh you care if you didn't you wouldn't be frantically posting from board to board over and over. Are you qualified to judge Brandi's pain? I think not....


Lou, I have no reason to care, one way or another, how you or anyone else paints LeAnn and Eddie. If they care about each other, I feel for them and wish them the best against smut rakers like you and the rest of your piou kind. You can't destroy them with your ugly words and stupid remarks, but I can wish them the best and they can decide what this will lead to. What would you know about goodnes that you referred to in your post? Do you think that the ex has a heart and feelings but LeAnn and Eddie don't? Are you qualified to decide that?


How much is Leann paying you? You by far have not been able to paint Leann and Eddie in any way shape or form in a good light. No matter how hard you try and goodness knows you must have stumps for fingers by now.


How much is she paying you pr people to try to make her look good?Think it is too little! Think hard and you can come up with something to improve her image. Goodness knows you folks have tried hard enough in the past.


oh stop whining you asshole! At least she didn't slash your throat!


so now Eddie is the poster boy for honesty?
Brandi has the right to slash those tires half belong to her.
If he was so concerned why didn't he call the police?


Sounds like all the little butterflies are gathering around the ex again. Getting scared that more truths might come out. Is it nonsense when a woman screams ugly things in front of her kids or gets so angry she uses something to slash the motorcycle tires? Lets hear some defense on that.


Breaking a heart,NOT replaceable-Breaking Harleys,replaceable with money! Eddie can go buy or fix his Harleys, but cannot buy or fix a heart he hurt so bad!Shows you Eddie loves and cares more about his Harleys than he did his wife and children!

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