Kate Gosselin's Birthday Gift to the Kids: Jon!

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Kate Gosselin may not be the best mom in Hollywood, but she really loves her kids. She has a special birthday present for them today: Time with Jon Gosselin.

Kind of a crappy birthday gift if you ask us, but you know how it is with kids. Sometimes you gotta do whatever makes them happy.

Six of the seven humans who actually like seeing Jon will do so today.

THG NOTE: The seventh would be Ellen Ross, his new girlfriend. His older two daughters, Mady and Cara, probably realize what a douchebag he is by now.

A source close to Kate confirms she has offered to let the kids see Jon this afternoon, even though it isn't even technically his day in the pair's custody deal.

Kate plans to cook the kids a special birthday breakfast, ship 'em off to school, and then Jon could have the kids in the afternoon ... should he so choose.

Jon is the Man
Looking Good Kate

WORLD'S #1 DAD: Jon Gosselin's sextuplets want to spend time with him for some reason. Kids. They just don't know any better. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

No word yet on if Jon accepted the offer, but we suspect he will, because last week, Jon indicated the following when tracked down by Radar Online:

“I really want to see them on their birthday, but I don’t know. I don’t have custody so I’m hoping that Kate let’s me see them on their birthday.”

Nice, yes. But this being Jon, a douchebag move is never far off.

Before that comment, Kate and Jon had already discussed the situation over the phone and Kate told Jon he could see the kids on their birthday.

Yet Jon still went out and made it seem like Kate might not let him. Says a source: “Nobody knows why Jon does this, unless it’s for attention.”

Pretty much sums it up right there. If he really wants to seek a truce with Kate and bury the hatchet once for good, he may want to cut the crap.


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While I dont agree with a lot Jon has done tv went to his head some also. I will say he has been 3 times the parent Kate could ever be. Kate doesnt even LOOK at her kids with love in her eyes. She is always rolling her eyes at them and looking disgusted. She talks down to them awful.She could not ever play with them unless she was told to. My whole thing with KATE why I cant stand her is the way she treats her kids. Its all for the kids -- oh yea sure- but they could not have a dog they lived in the basement and could not move in any of the homes that were all for the kids. Their home as Kate calls it is the most unkid friendly I have ever seen.Its all for Kate make no mistake about it and anyone wih eyes could see thats KATES HOME and she doesnt let anyone forget it not even those poor little kids she claims its all for.


"Free Britney" needs to get a clue! It's not Jon who looks for ever opportunity to get his face plastered on television. He's doing exactly what he said he wanted to do - get out of television lime light and focus on his kids. That's a heck of a lot more than can be said for Kate. Maybe you should focus a bit more on true investigative journalism rather than taking your hatred of men out on this poor guy.


Wow Why ARE you SOOOO biased toward Kate? She SHOULD share the special time with their dad. She SHOULD make every effort to keep the relationship between the kids and the dad healthy. He is a poor soul who is trying to make his way through all of this. Remember SHE was the one who was always so so difficult when they were married. Granted he hasn't always made the right choices but I think he was mentally abused for so long that he needed time to heal his scared brain. I personally think Kate is an obnoxiously fake person. Good luck to Jon in finding a job. He LOVES his kids.


I cannot believe the hatred some of you people have toward someonew you do not even know. Have you even ever watched the show? Have you ever watched an interview with Kate? She is a very loving Mom and I am sure Jon loves his kids also. You should all learn to be kinder and not so judgemental. Some day it will be your turn, so watch out.


I feel so sorry for those 8 kids, having Kate for a mother is the pits. She will never be mother of the year only The worst mother of the year. All she keeps the children around for is the money. She is a real nasty excuse for a person. No one likes her. How did Jon stand being with her. Her kids will end up hating her for what she has done to them and their father. I hope Jon gets the 8 children and keeps them away from Kate. How could a person be so nasty and use their children for a meal ticket.


The saddest thing for these kids will be growing up in a home without a loving mother and father who are both there with all of them together. It will affect them. Sad situation for the children.


Funny how you claim Jon is doing things for attention, yet it's always Kate who is thrusting herself into the spotlight. Could you be more biased?


I'm sure both parents are loved by all their kids. Jon needs to quit playing the pity card and move on. Common sense tells you they probably worked out the visiting schedule for the birthday in advance. They both fed, dressed and bathed them when they were babies. Not every detail gets shown on television for the public to see nor do we need to see every little detail. Everyone seems to be so holier than thou when judging both sides. The kids don't look any more miserable with Kate than they do with Jon, I would say it depends on what's going on at that particular time the photo is being snapped by the intruding photographers.


My gosh, can your "article" be any more biased??? If the writer of this had actually ever watched the television show that catapulted these two to infamy, he/she's know that Jon has always - ALWAYS - been the more caring, hands-on, and loving of the two towards the kids. The kids love him to pieces - they light up when he's around - and his delight to be with them is equal to theirs. The same can't be said about being with their mother who much prefers being on the go than being around them. And shame on the whole "Kate 'let' them see their dad for their birthday." He's their father, he is just as entitled to see his kids on their special day as their mom is. I'm looking forward to the day when the tabloids wake up and realize they've been taken for a ride by this idiotic sham of a mother.

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