Ellen Ross: Dating Jon Gosselin For Some Reason!

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Looks like Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend.

Ellen Ross is not, however, the rich cougar Jon was reportedly seeking. Rather, she's in his typical age range (23), and hails from nearby Harrisburg, Pa.

Basically, Ellen is the new Morgan Christie, who was the new Hailey Glassman, who was the new Deanna Hummel. Give it up for Jon's new plaything!

The two have even begun calling each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" with Jon even proclaiming his love for her online. We hope you didn't just eat.

Their recent Facebook nausea-fest conversation all began when Ellen Ross recently posted "I without a doubt have THE best boyfriend ever. Fyi"

She must not have a lot of experience dating.

He Likes 'Em This Big

COME TO DADDY: Jon Gosselin's got a new love in Ellen Ross!

Jonny G added: "Thank you babe, you are the best too. <3 u! I think boys should be boyfriends and men should be manfriends. Just saying! ;-)"

Right, Jon. You definitely quality there.

He continues: "I guess it would sound better in french 'J'ai sans aucun doute le meilleur ami jamais. ami=boyfriend' ... Ellen, Amie pendant la vie. N'oubliez pas je t'aime ... Girlfriend for life. Don't forget I love you!"

That sound you hear is of hands slapping foreheads everywhere.

Perhaps the funniest part? Right after Jon's passionate declaration, a friend of Ellen's adds, "Still can't believe you're dating men again ... wild"

That misguided pal must be mistaken ... Ellen's dating Jon Gosselin.

Lest we forget, the dude's got a two-inch package. This has been established. Whatever works for you crazy kids, though. Congratulations, Stubby!

NOTE: Befriend THG on Facebook and we promise, no gross lovey-dovey stuff. Well, unless you're a rich cougar ... exceptions may be made then.


Ellen Ross IS a great gal who is smart, funny, and easy to get along with. It's easy to spout garbage when you know nothing of Ellen or even Jon. What a shame you judge by only what you see on TV or in Gossip Mags/sites.


Ur gf is a dum a**** pig she looks like u fat and ugly too man I think u should go to chruch wit especially u do wrong things it not called cheat til death do us part is Jon hmmmm if u no how to love urself u should how to love Kate but I gues ur imature like a child so I dnt think u would understand ur situation


I wish that Kate didn't marry u ur full off crap urself u need a hug slap on da face


Jon is so imature he doesn't act like his wow man grow up seriously ur wife is takin care of the kidz and u wat do u do doin luneytic stupidity u act like a child jon


I'm at my girlfriends apartment now and we are having a party. Come on over if you are in central pa. 1101 Yverdon Dr., Apt C7, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Call Ellen at (717) 695-7603 and let her know what you think.


She has had two other guys live with her in the last year. I'm sure Jon will bew gone soon enough.


She live at: 1101 Yverdon Dr., Apt C7
Camp Hill, PA 17011


oh that nice for u to find new lover that nice for u.......i just deaf but i just say nice for u...good lucky...


I cant believe your dating MEN again.

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