Jason Pfeiffer Alleges Gay Affair with Michael Jackson; Dr. Arnold Klein Backs Him Up

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Jason Pfeiffer, a former dermatologist's assistant and current CEO of a medical company, tells Extra that he had an affair with the late Michael Jackson.

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    The accusations of Child molestation against him were never proven, and besides that his accuser got a huge payoff, which is what blackmail is made off, MJ problem was he's not able to communicate himself well enough, and hence people thought him as socially awkward and weird and make all sort of associations to him that were never true, fact of the matter is he was neither gay nor a pedo, the hetero potion is blatantly obvious and yet people still accuse him of being gay, the pedo potion was just false accusations.


    I understand that Jason has a blog, and I just looked at it recently. One thing is for sure both him and Klein are a bunch of users. Too sad MJ never saw these two for who they really are. I know that an acquaintance from work recently told me she had a dream.

    MJ was with his children and invited to a special party. Dr. Klein was there and his daughter was looking for him but MJ was knocked out cold and looked disoriented. He was heavily medicated and couldn't get up from his sleepy state. Someone else had to take his daughter and sons home.


    he was a gay fag


    Money Making THING ...MICHAEL WAS NOT GAY ..


    Of course he was gay. You fans really do have to wake up a bit more. Like many males who are into disco dancing, they are either gay or bi sexual. Like many gay men, Michael Jackson liked to wear women`s make up. He also liked to hang around young boys. Do you fans need anymore proof?


    this man is such a liar!!jason u r a liarr! all michaels fans no for sure he was not gay !!! firstly becos he had loads of girlfriends and had loads of crushes on girls e.g. kelly rowland, beyonce, diana ross, vanessa williams and many more !!!! we av got tones of prove that he is not gay! so jason stop the lies cos knowone believes you! he ws not gay so deal wiv it!


    I hope michael jackson hunts this big fat faggot ass bastard for lying. somebody paid his fat ass to say he was michael's lover. michael doesnt look gay and neither does this fat bastard. and if michael were gay why the hell would he be this fat piece off shit. if you was michael's lover yo fat ass and dr. klein wouldn't be on the run.


    I honestley doubt that Michael Jackson was Gay. I mean he mightve been i teensy bit femenine but come on...that's not being gay. and plus you guys are right, if he did have agay lover he would look way better than this fat faggot pfeiffer,not that i'm prejudice against gays cuz' i'm not but he deserves it for lying on michael like this.But seriously gow many of us thought that when they said his heavyweight lover, that meant he was buff but when you saw him you, you were like "wtf?!?!?!?!?!?!!"


    michael loved his kids and now catherine is letting them all act like idiots now. i know mj loved his mom but i think rebbie should get hmj kids. catherine never worked a day in her live either and she also lived off of michael. mj was the best performer that ever lived. there will never be another michael jackson.


    If Michael did have a gay lover.....I'm sure that he would look better than Jason Pfeiffer. I mean really, Get a life

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