Lawyer: "Strong Possibility" Dr. Arnold Klein is Biological Father of Prince, Paris Jackson

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Dr. Arnold Klein realizes there is a "strong possibility" he is the father of Michael Jackson's two oldest children, Prince Michael, 12 and Paris Jackson, 11.

His lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, admitted this on the record.

"There was a strong possibility that the two older kids could be biologically linked to Dr. Klein. And Dr. Klein was well aware," Kaplan told Us Weekly.

The attorney was explaining why he and Klein went to the guardianship hearing for Jackson's children, who are living with Michael's mom Katherine.

Us Weekly first reported that Dr. Arnold Klein - Jackson's dermatologist - is Prince and Paris' biological father. Debbie Rowe, who worked for Klein for 23 years, is the biological mother, and was wed to Jackson for three years.

In his only public comments on the subject, Klein said that "to the best of his knowledge" he is not their father. But he did admit donating sperm to MJ.

Michael was also father to Blanket, 7, born to a different mother.

We may never know for sure, but there is a strong likelihood that the biological father of Michael Jackson's two eldest children is Dr. Arnold Klein, his lawyer says.

"Dr. Klein wanted to assert a request that he had concerns," said Kaplan (above, right). "He had an agreement with Michael Jackson that if anything happened to Michael, Dr. Klein would do what he could to see that they were protected."

Still, Arnold Klein does not want to challenge the Katherine Jackson's guardianship of the kids, and won't submit to a DNA test, according to Kaplan.

"It would serve no helpful purpose for the children to be distracted from believing Michael Jackson is not the father in every possibility," he said.

"It is not something Dr. Klein feels he is interested to establish. It is not going to help the children," he says, "other than to solve the answered question, which is a selfish motive to see who the ultimate provider of the 13 chromosomes [is]."

"Katherine Jackson is responsible for the decisions and upbringing of the children," Kaplan says. "His concerns were the influence of people around her."

Kaplan did not name names, but is obviously talking about Joe Jackson, Michael's supremely shady and abusive father (who lives apart from Katherine).

Another longtime friend, Mark Lester, also came forward to admit he gave Jackson sperm in the '90s that he thinks may have been used to create Paris.


No child can look like ANY Jackson! All have had their faces and skin reesigned! Even Katherine for God's sake! Her names isn't even Katherine...


All of Michael children look completely white until recently. If you google Michael children, Blanket even look White when he was a child. Michael is their father because he raised them, but biologically in my opinion he is not.


I agree with "cautious". Leave them alone. If anyone really looked at the children closely you can see that Paris' complexion is the same as Janet Jackson. If she had had both white parents she would have a more fair complexion. Prince and Prince II both have the same structure of nose and mouth yet had different mothers. They all resemble their grandma Katherine Jackson. Do you suppose the mystery was created by Michael by asking for sperm donations to keep people guessing?


This is becoming stupid. Leave the children alone. You don't give something and then ask for it back. They are not property. None of these men care about these children, or what they have done or doing. Neither did they care about Michael Jackson. It's so selfish and very unfair.


cant they just do a test?


Honestly...the lawyer of a doctor doesn't know each parent donates 26 chromosomes? How else do we end up with 46 XY or 46 XX? Jeez people, that's like 8th grade biology.

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