Michael Jackson Death Timeline Dispute Critical to Conrad Murray Defense, Prosecution

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In a new twist, Dr. Conrad Murray’s attorney, Michael Flanagan, says his client made a mistake in his initial interview in the Michael Jackson homicide investigation.

"Dr. Murray's timeline of events the day Michael Jackson died is wrong,” he says. “Doctors make mistake. That is what he did, and it was simply that. A mistake.”

Really, Conrad Murray?

Jackson's personal physician is changing the story he initially told police in the aftermath of MJ's death - a significant move for the prosecution and defense.

According to police reports, Murray told the LAPD that he gave Propofol to Jackson at 10:50 a.m., then left Jackson alone for two minutes to go to the bathroom.

 DOCTOR ON TRIAL: Does Conrad Murray's explanation hold water?

Murray then went on to say that when he returned to Jackson’s room, he wasn’t breathing and he began CPR. However, a 911 call wasn’t made until after noon.

In addition, a voicemail Conrad Murray left at 11:54 a.m. that day to another patient, Bob Russell, was released yesterday. Murray was calm and collected on it.

That seems dubious if Murray had been performing CPR on Jackson for an hour before the call. To that end, Flanagan says Murray was wrong about the timing.

The timeline of events surrounding the death of Jackson will most likely be central to the criminal charges - involuntary manslaughter - against Dr. Conrad Murray.

Some reports even say that both the defense and the prosecution plan to use the newly surfaced voicemail as a centerpiece to their case, which is fascinating.

Murray’s legal team aims to discredit cops' initial interviews with their client in a bid to convince a jury they bungled the situation, according to some sources.

But Flanagan says that he believes his client simply made a mistake when it came to the timeline that fateful day. "Dr. Murray's timeline was wrong," he said.

He also suggested that there was reportedly another phone call between Murray and his girlfriend in Houston, shortly after noon. He called 911 at 12:21.

But if Murray did administer Propofol to Jackson at 10:50 a.m. as he initially said, it would be natural for cops to assume he did not check on him until later.

Police say he most likely left Jackson alone for approximately 73 minutes – not two minutes as he claimed - after administering Propofol, a powerful sedative.

This would be damaging to his defense. Murray’s calm call at 11:54 a.m. fits not only his defense, but a police theory that he simply left MJ alone for awhile.

Who do you believe?


Conrad Murray is a L.A.D. (Lying @zz Dog) and he needs to fry for the MURDER of Michael Joseph Jackson!


The dr sget for hould pay for what did with no tryal!!!!!A ND RIGHT JUIL!! I don't CAN SAY HE IS SICK NUT!!!! And you will hopfuly get justis!! And your family will gwt justis too same your kids may you rest in pies Corinne


Murray either did not check Michael like he said he didnornhe deliberately waited for enough time to lapse so Michael would die. Either way Murray is a murderer and a liar. He did not want to sign the death report for the ambulance because he is trying to say Michael had a faint pulse. I don't know how when Michael has gone without breathing for 82 mintes or more. Brian death starts in 4 minutes. Most prisoners are dead in 20 minutes with lethal injection. Murray is counting on the judge/jury to have very little intelligence and no medical knowledge and I hope they fool him but being a freemason I would say odds are not in our favor as they cover there own. I hope system worksnas it should but I won't hold my breath seeing he is still walking free and has his license which is appalling to me.


i dont understand the hatred for michael jackson. this doctor was a nut job and killed a man that millions of people adored.


we lost one of the greatest entertainer in the hands of a quack hope he gets what's comming to him


About cellphones.Barbara,it is a difference between receiving a
call and wander around at home -to a doctor even answering a call while attending to someone in a critical state, in this case in throws of death.Suppose ICU personnell wandered around chatting
in the middle of death and life situstions.Or your surgeon taking a break for a cig while you lay there with tour abdomen or heart exposed.Doctors are educated and trained to act correctly in high tension situations,"forgetfulness" and lack of attention are unexcusable. Luckily you just forgot a pot.


All I can say is that MJ passing is a great loss to the world. So many people insulted his presentation as time went on. But the truth remains that he will always be the Great Michael Jackson, the greatest entertainer, and one of the greatest gifts ever given to MUSIC. I think, when all the truth comes out, we will all find that he should still be here with us, sending out to all his great gift of song. I know he touched my life, and I will miss him.


It is tragic and gross negligence that Michael didn't recieve the immediate cardiorepiratory support (full code with medication, endotrachael intubation, etc) he needed in order to survive, via calling 911. You are all saying that it's documented Murray left him alone for well over an hour? Unbelievable that he would do say after administering valium and other meds that potentiate effects of Propofol. This is what so much of the public doesn't understand. You simply can't do this as a medical professional. Why has there been so mention of this in the public media?


In a critical situation and intense experience that is part of your professional life (are you not calling yourself a medical doctor?)your senses are on high alert, including exact memory of
your own acts.You are just plainly a liar. There are other inconsistencies re your behavior and statements,no need to repeat really.


What a flimsy and brazen excuse!!!Even the initial autopsy showed
that Michael had been dead for more hrs than Dr. Murray claimed.
In situations like the ones that occurred you just DO NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF LAPSES OF MEMORY.It is just too convinient .I have extensive expierience of critical situations and have had to give precise written reports often several hrs after event in question and Dr. Murray is talking B_S, excuse me the language.This kind of excuse will make anybody with a few working braincells very angry.

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