Bret Michaels Lands New Reality Show

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Bret Michaels has signed on for a new reality show.

No, it isn't titled ICU For Dinner Tonight: The Trauma Ward of Love.

Backstage Bret

Instead of filling his tour bus with a bevy of busty blondes, the recovering rocker will instead let viewers in on his private life.

The name of this VH1 series will be Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It and it will give fans "an insider's look at Bret's home life when he isn't touring, shooting, partying and rocking out," according to a network press release.

The series will premiere this fall, as Bret is actually planning to return to the stage soon, just a month after a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.

"After Bret's recent appendectomy and life-threatening brain hemorrhage, we're so happy that he is on the road to recovery and coming back to VH1," said Jeff Olde, executive vice president of original programming and production at the network.

"Bret is family to us and has always been a huge hit on the network, headlining several series and specials that have garnered record-breaking ratings and made a strong connection with our audience... We'd like to celebrate Bret's recovery with this sneak peak special featuring the next chapter in Bret's story on VH1.

"It's a never-before-seen look into Bret's family life."

That sounds lovely and all... but nary an overflowing bosom?!? Come on, Bret. Don't change who you are. Don't let the aneurysm win!


Toekneegee, are you bald? Do you know what it is like to be bald? Maybe some people have a hard time losing their hair, it's not an easy thing to go thru. Give the guy a break, he is a human being and could wear a clown wig if it makes him feel comfortable. I agree with for_real_tho, the important thing is he's doing well, he's recovering from a life altering experience and he's trying to do what's right. That is what matters.


who cares if he has hair or not....if he wears a bandana or a hat...only fools would make such a big deal about his hair, or lack thereof....he is supposedly back with the mother of his children, and this is the reason he is not shooting another skirt-chase-athon....she was the one that called 9-1-1 & sat by his side through his whole ordeal, prompting him to rework his contracted show-deal with it up for the sake of his relationship...NEWS...


Yeah, he might look cute with that hat and bandana but he is not fooling anybody except himself.


Why does he insist on pitting on the bandana like we do not know he is bald. Remember Agassi? He used the same thing, bandana and a hat. But he probably could not stand it himself that he shaved himself bald. He is probably the only one who does not know that he is already bald. Poor delusional guy! He cannot hide that receded hairline forever.

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