Two Weeks Notice: Bret Michaels Plans Return to Stage

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Sources close to Bret Michaels have given fans their two-week notice:

The recovering rocker really is planning a return to the stage before this month is over.

"He's still in rehab," an insider told People. "His doctor told him to do physical therapy once a day, but he's doing it twice a day, because he wants a speedy, 100 percent recovery."

As everyone now knows, Michaels suffered a non-aneurysmal brain hemorrhage on April 21. But doctors credit his "sheer will to live" as a significant reason why he's already on his way back to touring.

Girlfriend Kristi Gibson also played a major role.

Reportedly, Bret has his sights set for his public appearance to be the May 23 finale of The Celebrity Apprentice. Nothing would make Donald Trump happier, we're sure.

The singer is also anxious to return to his Roses & Thorns tour.

"It's looking likely that his first date back will be May 28 at the Hard Rock in Mississippi," said the source. "Bret sounds good. He's still on meds and he sounds tired."

We're anxious to see you back on stage, Bret, but health comes first. Get all the way better and then we'll throw our panties at you in concert!


So happy to see you're recovering so rapidly! A lot of prayers have been answered! Rock on Bret! xx


Wishing you good health, but please ditch the wig...


Welcome Back,Brother! Hope to see you come through Tennessee on your Roses & Thorns tour! Ol' Miss' is close---but still not Tenn'--ya' feel-me?! Ha,ha! Just fuckin' with you,dude. Wherever the tour takes you I hope you give'em Hell! It's great that you're back,and cool to hear about how you're throwin' yourself into doublin'-up and workin' on a faster,stronger recovery! That's what it takes,B'---raw determination and a no-fail mind-set(and you know I speak from experience,right?)So,Rock-On,Bret! In a little paraphrase on the words of Ace Frehley: "Your meter's runnin',you've still gotta a lot of Livin' to DO! I live Five days to your one, and you know it's True,yeah!" From: Insane. Frehley's Comet.(I Live this song as much as possible.Ha,ha!) Later on,Bret. Just keep livin';Hollywood--Out...


Is getting back to singing crappy hair band music that was popular 25 years ago really that important? I guess he has to stay relevant some how. PS - When is Axl Rose getting a reality show?


If this infact true..jeez...give it a break for a bit...stay home and enjoy your children, you're lucky to be alive.


Just rest up Bret! Geez, take it easy!


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