Lindsay Lohan Tweets Accusations of Samantha Ronson Spitting in Her Face, Doing Miley's Ex

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are at it again.

Well, one of them is. The insane, credit card debt-addled loon.

We'd call this a Twitter feud, but a feud would imply two people are involved. It may just be the social networking ramblings of a drunken fallen starlet.

Lindsay Tweeted a claim that her ex spit in her face at a friend’s party, then left with Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend, who Katy Perry was also "tryin'a bang."

Seriously, she said this.

Ronson Action
Broke and Likely Drunk

SamRo and LiLo: Twitter trash talkin' today! [Photos: Fame]

The nut's exact wording was: "Fun @coachella but tonight @ my friernds bday party, @samantharonson spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus 's ex."

That's got to mean Justin Gaston, right? If so, that's random ... and funny.

Regardless, we doubt anything actually happened. First off, Sam doesn't like dudes. Second, she pretty much denied it. Third, Linds is bat$h!t crazy.

Samantha's reply later: "Guess what didn't happen tonight..."

There you have it. Get help, Linds, before you keel over.




Just read on any website about partner violence/domestic violence. Abusers always try to make tjeir partner look crazy, they deny what they have done and get aggressive towards people telling the truth. I feel really sad to read this. Poor beautiful talented Lindsay, with a big heart, how typical a small person like Samantha wants to be with Lindsay just to feel powerful breaking her down!!! It makes me sick, Lindsay could have anyone she wants. I wish her confidence will grow and that she will realise she deserves the love back that she gives. I have never seen Samantha holding or being affectionate to Lindsay in any way, it is always Lindsay who is stroking, holding, hugging kissing Samantha who don’t even LOOK at her meanwhile she just stands there and looks like she’s feeling very powerful, it makes me sick!


Ladies be nice and stop fighting. Samantha, she only wants your attention, it's the least you can do. You say some cruel stuff to Lindsey Lohan. I hope that's all you two have in common and that is she fell for you. Maybe when she straightens herself out you will like her all over again, as a friend. sincerely, Thalia


hahaaa! Hellion--so true. She does try too hard to be punk, and she's 33 years too late in her mindset. She isn't getting it , and she never will She's about as "punk" as Miley Cyrus is.


I'll have what she's having.


why is lindsay or samantha considered to be "celebrities"....they are soooo irrelelevant, it is like they are only gossip rag celeb's......who cares, both of them are going to drop dead pretty soon, that fast hard life always leads to a young death...


Okay, so the guy chose Samantha "I try too hard to be punk" Ronson over Katy Perry to go home with? He must have been on some serious Lindsey Lohan caliber drugs.

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