Lindsay Lohan is Going to Die

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If you had Lindsay Lohan in your celebrity death pool for 2010, the people close to her think it might have been a smart wager ... not that they want you to win.

Sources connected to the train wreck believe that she desperately needs to get help, but she refuses to listen. As one extremely close professional person put it:

"If she doesn't get help soon, she's going to die."

People trying to help Lindsay over the last year both professionally and personally feel something terrible will happen unless the celeb immediately gets help.

She promised mayhem in 2010 and is delivering. But will she even be around to see 2011? The way things have been going lately, we'd say 70-30 at best ...


Down goes Lindsay ... in every way. [Photo:]

Help for substance abuse, that is. We are not talking about Michael or Dina Lohan, either. Lord knows those two losers are only interested in their own agendas.

These ominous warnings come from people who care and have seriously, albeit quietly tried to convince Lindsay to go to rehab. So far, they haven't succeeded.

In typical fashion, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been making excuses for her erratic behavior and though she admits she has issues, refuses to do $h!t about it.

After falling after leaving a party (above), she Tweeted, "Only I would get pushed into a large, sharp plant by crazy paparazzi! I need to start wearing flats :/"

And laying off the crack.


If Lindsay continues her addict ways of drugs and booze, then she will die young.
It's 2013 now and she is still alive, but the 27 Club is now waiting to see what she does when she leaves rehab. George Vreeland Hill


She'll be dead within 2 years, after she turns 27..


so whaT? who cares if this bitch is gonna die? she is taking all that cocky and all that drug shit, lindsay mama, if ya wanna live up to see 2011 u better get ure pussy straight..


counting down the days till i hear shes dead..really cant wait!


What is all this about.. ?? Uh... Lindsay Lohan?? Yeah, let's keep on analysing her 'mayham' and all of her problems.. She's hot, famous and she has a bad choice in actions.. So what? No one's getting (partial)naked pics and interesting story's about the greatest mass-murderers in the world.. Some of them are probably hot, (sort of) famous and I recon they have cash as well.. (now here's my point) Just let her be! If she wants to die, she's gonna and there's little someone can do about it.. It's a pitty though that, at the moment, her life full of 'horrid habits (yeah, that's a quote :P)' is more interesting than the quality's as an actrice (or whatever) she's got when she's "all good"...
(doesn't take away that I'd do her when I get the chance :P) Let her be.. Best thing to do is for her to get some realisation of the world.. Or some near-death experience to wake her up.. C'est la vie :P


Good riddance


Lindsay is gonna die because she just realized that when they say, Linsay that milkoholic! Everyone thought that just because they said Lindsay didn't make her some easy money from a giganic lawsuit cause she's not really starring in any movies worth seeing..try some family values, think of the's not that hard Lindsay!! Get over this obstacle and stop being a hoarder and you'll do o.k. Life is good to be Lindsay but please no suing for easy money!! Model, act, anything waitress.....but no suing!!


Paging Dr. Drew!


She's a terrible actor, spoiled brat, rotten human being, and never once called to see if I could use a nice BJ. Adios bitch!


Her friends should stop tipping off the papparazzi if she wants them to go away... oh but wait... she doesn't


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