Delusional Dina Lohan Defends Drunk Daughter

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Queen of Denial and Worst Mom Ever candidate Dina Lohan is going on the record about her troubled daughter Lindsay’s reported financial troubles.

Shocker - she says it's all overblown and everything's fine.

Dina denies Lindsay owes $600,000 in credit card debt, though she does concede there were shakeups among those keeping tabs on her accounts.

“She is not going into credit card debt. Absolutely not. And her business managers... I actually am in contact with them every day,” Dina proclaims.

Everyone feel better about the situation yet? We sure do.

This is an old school photo of insane Dina and troubled Lindsay Lohan kickin' it with her bad ass former boy toy Calum Best. Why? Why not is the real question.

“Yes, Lindsay will spend money but she has people that run what she does," Dina says, meaning her new manager. "We kind of cleaned house. Lindsay doesn’t really pay her bills. Someone else does, so they wouldn’t let her do that."

“And in the interim, you know, a bill may be a little late or not, you know, but that’s pretty normal. That happens to me, that happens to everyone,” she adds.

Yeah, being $23,000 behind on rent totally happens to everyone.

When it comes to reports of Lindsay’s all-night partying, Dina also says the stories are fabricated and overblown: "People don’t understand how the press manipulates," she said. "What you read in the press is completely fabricated."

No it's not. Photos showing the train wreck drunkenly falling into a cactus aren't "manipulations." Dina also insists her career is great. Man, she needs a shrink.

“She has her 6126 clothing line which is doing amazing,” she says. “We’re in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales... she designs everything from soup to nuts."

We think what she means is she is nuts.


Give the Lohan family a break. It's sad to see such a young talent going through it, struggling with a disease, having an incredible amount of family drama; and on top of that no privacy to get things straight without everyone watching. Hopefully things will get better for her through sobriety and counseling; and having that publicized will give many troubled girls some hope. Seriously, real journalists have some ethics and don't kick people when they are down. It's a sign of what an unfortunate world our children are growing up in.


Lindsay was NOT drunk when she fell into the cactus. I saw the video. It was crazy, there were paps shooting off their flashes, Lindsay was wearing like 6 inch high shoes, she was holding onto someone and being rushed off to stairs with an incline and some gravel and she fell. She wasn't slurring her speech or stumbling and acting drunk at all in the video. In fact, whenever I see a video of Lindsay coming from a club and the paps are asking her disrespectful and stupid questions, she really doesn't seem severely impaired at all. Dina keeps the family business quiet and sometimes says stuff that isn't a good coverup. However, what she says to the public isn't necessarily what she thinks or feels at all. She has the right to keep Lindsay or any one in her family's issues private and reveal to the media only what she chooses.


As a mother myself and have been a part of the entertainment world in a passive role for a third of my life, I can only say any mother who would send their 17 yr. old daughter off to live in LA on her own, while her career is on the rise is pure negligence to her child's well being! Hollywood eats people a live. A teen girl and unaccompanied to live life on her own is unimaginable. My opinion, Dina Mom is a severe narcissist. It is time for authorities to step in and remind Dina Mom what 'in the better interest of the child' means.. since she is obviously incapable of doing that herself.


I honestly think that Dina Lohan is a sociopath. Only a sociopath sees the down-ward and life-thretening spiral of her daughter, and does nothing! and not only does she do nothing, she ENCOURAGES IT! that mother is a full blown psycho. And she's probably letting her daughter do whatever as long as she gets a cut of her pay, from the various appearences she makes, cuz i think she was her manager at some point. her dad isn't gold either, but heck at least he's trying to do something about her messed up life!




if you have hired someone else to pay your bills for you, you have hired them for that and that alone, and are paying for them to do that. Someone whose whole job is to pay bills for you every month should not be late paying for it. Maybe if you want to save money, you could stop paying people to do silly little things for you that you now have more than enough time to do yourself (seeing as you don't have a job or anything). Lindsay Lohan used to be an actress. Then she got paid for club appearances, endorsements, etc. Now? She is a celebrity because she's absolutely out of her mind. That's what replacing any sort of 9-5 job with 9-5 shooting up crack will do to you, I guess.

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