Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Jessica Stroup

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Jessica Stroup has something in common with Miley Cyrus.

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    i think they both look gorgeous bt like mileys look better i mean sowy essica you cant combine a belt and a necklece in the same outfit :/


    felina, How can you say that Miley looks skanky in this outfit but Jessica looks sexy WHEN THEY'RE BOTH WEARING THE SAME DRESS?

    And as for Hot Mama Mess... the fact that you're calling Miley a whore and a dyke ass skank makes you a bad example for your own daughter (who you probably got pregnant with at like 17 so you of all people have no right to call a 17 year old a whore for how she looks!)

    Avatar call her a skank and you had ur kid at 18...are you even with her father still?


    Thankyou paige. We actually have an itelligent person talking. That Miley makes me angry and sick. She poses nude? Durty little brat. She cant sing. All she is, is an attention seeker. She makes me soooo angry and disapointed. Im 24 and I have a 6 year old daughter Rebecka. Would I want my daughter to be exposed to this nasty ass skank? HELL NO. Someone needs to shut her operation down. Miley is a whore. There is not one good thing about that monkeyed lookin dyke ass whore. :)


    Miley is a ulgy person. She would be better off just shuting her big manly mouth up. She sounds awful. And I only speak the truth.


    I am with megamilyfan1 you all should lission to her and what about her teeth there isn't anything wrong with her is just you need to change your faces at least any teeth can be fixed but hater's that have dume faces I don't think so >>>so all haters look at you self it's better to find in your self wrong better to find 1000,000 at some one eals so leave her alon back off your you"ll see miley is more pretty then any of you and who said she can't sing if she can't don't lissin to her music infacted nobody whants to her what you hatters write iam out


    l'm a huge fan of miley.l'm a firm believer,that if you haven't got anything gd to say,then don't say anything.l'm sure if you met her,you would think differently,afterall,l don't think she would ever say anything nasty about you.She's not that sort of person.She's just a luving caring person,just getting on with her life.This is the way l see Miley,l think she is the most beautiful Girl,that ever walked this earth.Miley is total perfection.l bet you haters wish you were even half as beautiful as she's just jealousy pure & simple.Perhaps once you've looked at yourselves,then you can judge other ppl.l think it's Miley,that makes the clothes she wears look beautiful,not the other way round.l wouldn't change a single thing,about Miley,as l said before she is perfection.lf you are reading this Miley,don't pay any attention to these haters,l'll always be here for you Miley.:)l just love you,for just being you,plz don't ever change the way u r.Peace & god Bless you always Miley.=]XX


    A case of skanky vs sexy...


    Miley looks homely, she is not pretty at all and she should get her teeth fixed. Anyone would look better than Miley. If you don't believe me take a good look at that picture. That girl is ugly.



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