Angelina Jolie is Awesome: More Proof

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Cynical, jealous haters will continue to conjure up arguments against her.

Tabloids will continue to quote anonymous sources and paint her as a mega bitch.

But THG will continue to look at actual facts and hammer home one simple point: Angelina Jolie is a true role model.

The actress recently spent time in Haiti and opened a school for refugee returnees in Afghanistan. Her latest act of charity and good will? Touring Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Jolie and Brad Pitt sat with people that have been struggling since that area's civil war ended in 1995.

"[I am] so inspired by these families," Angelina said. "Despite the grim realities of their unsettled existence, they have an incredible determination to make a better future for their children."

Approximately 117,000 people are still displaced by the aforementioned war, including the women seen below, who reside in a collective center in Rogatica, Bosnia.

Jolie, a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador since 2001, spoke with staffers from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to help assist with plans of action for those suffering from a lack of basic needs.

"I hope we can find solutions for the remaining tens of thousands of displaced people... only then can we really close one of the most tragic chapters in modern history," she said. "[I hope] to return to this beautiful country soon and meet with political representatives to further discuss the solutions that are so badly required."

Go ahead and hate, cynics. We'll go ahead and admire a celebrity that does more than eat at Katsuya every night in front of the paparazzi.

Below, you can actually watch a brief video of Jolie and Pitt exploring the region.


she's just using the poor to build herself up...if she's really concerned with these people she should live with them them.... i wish they would really stop highlighting her humanitarian works becoz she's not the only one doing it. there are many more doing more than her and not getting any attention like she does...Sandra Bullock adopted then that was it not like Jolie displaying things.....


Hello, no she is not an angel.She does it only for herself..she wants people to admire her because she has a big ego!! she is a sick woman who used her son to seduce married men..she went to mental institutions! how could country give her children with this past!! money can't buy everything!!!


Nice to see that Angelina's work is appreciated by others. She is a great Mom, great humanitarian, great partner, and a great actress. I hope she continues to be happy and successful.


ok,angelina is cool,but she shouldnt be the big thing in this text. she is not doing all the charity work so the people would talk about her. u should pay attention to the bosnia and their problems...I bet half u doesnt even know where Bosnia and Herzegovina is. and thats sad because thats one very beautiful country...I've been there few grandpa is from bosnia,but I now live in Montenegro,country near by...


THANK YOU111 I read this and i have the biggest smile on my face because i agree with you 110% i am a huge fan of hers, i admire her for her work and her efforts. I do not believe anything that is written about her. When she says they are true then i will believe them. In the mean time keep on doing Angie..Big Fan..


Love her, Love THG. Ms Jolie is truly a role model, be it beauty, grace, charity, maturity, heart, (the list goes on...)


i for one who admires her role. she is loving, kind and hearted person, especially to those who receive SMILE FROM HER. Keep up the good work, friend. May the good lord bless you and your husband in whatever you do to put a SMILE ON SOMEONE'S FACE. Thank you for everything.


Thank you for telling the world the real person that Angelina is. She is an amazing woman, beautiful inside and outside. I don't mind what haters say becouse they are blind by their bad feelings. Angelina is really a wanderful person. God bless her for every one that she helps


I know everybody else said thank you, but I need to say that too! Everything you wrote here is true! She is such an inspiration for everyone and she makes the world a so much better place for those who have struggled! She really is an angel! God, I love this woman, her work for UNHCR and just everything about her! I know people say that no one is perfect, but she is perfect for me! In every single way. She's my superhero!


Thank you THG! One of the few blogs who reports facts instead of (cruel) fictions.


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