Kate Gosselin is Not Good at Dancing

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In case you missed her debut performance on Monday's Dancing with the Stars season premiere, to put it delicately, Kate Gosselin should not quit her day job.

We have no idea what that is, but you get the point.

Kate's Viennese waltz was a tad stiff would be an understatement. It's awkward just watching this. Just the same, Kate has several things going for her:

  1. There were no eliminations this week
  2. She is new to this and can't get worse
  3. She's getting paid, unlike Jon Gosselin
  4. She's doing well in our poll (see below)

Check out Kate's Dancing with the Stars debut and the judges' reaction. Sounds like she better be hitting that makeshift basement studio harder than ever ...

Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?


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I'm rooting for Nicole because she is partnered with Derek. I am actually rooting for Derek because I thing he is an awesome dancer. I truly hope Kate gets voted off fast as I don't believe she should be participating in this at all. She belongs home with her children. When her show first came on the air, she stated that she quit her job as a nurse to stay home with the children. Does she really think that they do not need her any more? I wish Uncle Kevin and Auntie Jody were still in the lives of the children, as, they truly love those eight little ones. Go home Kate so I can enjoy watching Dancing again.


She didn't do bad at all!! She looks fab!!


She didn't do that bad! Pretty decent for someone who doesn't have a clue about dancing!


Why are people rooting for Nicole Scherzinger? Were the Pussycat Dolls and their really crappy music that big or are people just confused about the question? Go Ochocinco!