Jesse James Mistress #4 Goes Rachel Uchitel On Us

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We won't know her name and she won't get her 15 minutes of fame, but Jesse James' alleged fourth mistress apparently got a nice payday out of the affair.

That or she's just maintaining her dignity and laying low out of respect for Sandra Bullock ... we basically just wrote that to see if you are paying attention.

Jesse and His Kat

James' supposed fourth mistress came forward last week, in a manner of speaking, repped by celeb legal vulture Gloria Allred, who always seems invoived.

Allred announced she was representing a "beautiful model and businesswoman" who claims to have carried on a three-year relationship with Jesse James.

According to Gloria, their affair ended only after the Michelle "Bombshell" McGee story hit the news and James' multitude of mistresses became exposed.

Jesse James during a brief break from cheating on Sandra Bullock.

The mystery babe, who supposedly had hundreds of texts, emails and photos to back up her story, was deciding whether or not to cash in at Sandra Bullock's expense.

She will not... come forward, that is. Cashing in could be on the table: "I can confirm that she has decided not to tell her story," Allred said. "I have no other comment."

As we learned with Rachel Uchitel, whose affair with Tiger Woods blew the lid off the sex scandal of the century, that's Gloria's way of saying she accepted a fat check.

Uchitel clammed up as soon as Allred started representing her, allegedly securing a seven-figure settlement from Woods to keep her mouth shut. Nicely done, Gloria.

It's unlikely any of Jesse James' women would command that kind of moolah, but Melissa Smith was seen buying a pregnancy test yesterday. We're just saying ...


Far be it beyond me to understand how Ms. Allred keeps finding herself in the position of being on the side of the rejected woman
who knowingly become involved with a man who is already married.In
recent years,I have seen countless advertisements from law firms that promise to help with accidents,abestos,wrongful deaths,medical malpractice,divorce etc.,but I have Never known of a law firm to help the woman committing adultery with a married man.I can understand Gloria Allred taking on a case like Hunter Tylo for being fired from Melrose Place after the Aaron Spelling Productions found out that she was pregnant(she won the case).I can understand an attorney being available for a client like Amber Frey (in the Scott Peterson case). For a high profile attorney like Gloria Allred to start taking up the causes of jilted woman with married lovers is a scandal within itself.Ms. Allred is taking on ambulance chasing at its worst.