Jesse James Mistresses Piling Up: #4 Comes Forward

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Another day, another bombshell for Jesse James. So to speak.

First there was Michelle "Bombshell" McGee in In Touch. Then came Melissa Smith, who gave her story to Star magazine. Up next: Brigitte Daguerre, outed by TMZ.

Now a fourth woman is claiming that she had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband – and alleges that the relationship was still going on up until last week.

The woman, who has chosen not to identify herself (for now), is being represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, of course. It was really just a matter of time.

Gloria, of course, is the celebrity lawyer representing Rachel Uchitel and at least one other unnamed mistress who claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods.

FOUR AND COUNTING: Jesse James' mistress tally grows.

In a statement, Allred describes the accuser as "a beautiful model and business woman" who was pursued by James. "He had strong feelings for her," says Allred.

Amazingly, she claims that the affair ended only after the Jesse James cheating scandal broke last week. So did it really even end, then? Have they chatted lately?

As for any evidence of the supposed relationship, Allred says that her client has "hundreds of texts, emails, and photos" documenting a years-long relationship.

Asked if the woman plans to reveal her identity, Allred said, "I am sure she will be making that decision shortly." We hope she makes the right one, and soon!

We also hope Sandra Bullock borrows a 9-iron from Elin Woods.


Allred is a legal prostitute selling her service to the biggest bidder- these sluts are not the victims - the wives and families of the cheater are - they are not forced and they are not innoscent school children - women have to right to say no and if the goy does not listen it's rape well they also have the moral right to say no in someone is married - even if that person is rich and famous they can say no they are only money digging sluts one step below prostitution - at least a pro admits she charges and what for these sluts want to come off as victims which they are not - Allred should represent the wifes if suing these sluts as well as cheating husband


you know , my wife and I believed that Jesse would have realized how fortunate he was that someone of Sandra's caliber would even look his way ,but nope , he had to follow his long documeted history of low life genetics . It just goes to show ya , sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree , but only in very rare cases does it roll down the hill to seek greener pastures !!! LOSER


Gloria Allred made her reputation by defending women who were harassed at work and discriminated against. Now she's a pimp for a bunch of low class whores who slept with and procured other women and drugs for a married man, Tiger. And now is pimping out women who Jesse slept with another married man. These women are not victims they are stalkers who knew at some point at time they would be hiring the pimp lawyer and cashing in like the whore procurer Uchitel. Gloria should hang her head in shame she's fallen so low.


These women are a disgrace to other women... Jesse Just used Sandra... WHAT AN ASSHOLE, PRICK AND A TOTAL DOUCHE BAG. You should be ashamed of your wanna be bad boy, but you know you ain't. You are a pathetic male that things he is all that. All of your lovers had sex with you BECAUSE you WERE (past form) Sandy's lover... they knew that you were a sad egotist prick that they could use in order to get famous.... They all took you for a ride... you thought they you were in control when really you were the idiot that was taken for a ride. SANDRA KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH WE LOVE YOU


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, that's why. She wants hush money. Good thing he has lots of money because who knows how many will be coming out of the woodwork. Is his duck ever cooked! Better take of the wedding ring now Jesse James, because the chance of a reconciliation is getting dimmer day by day, bimbo by bimbo.


I am absolutely mortified by this type of behaviour going on. It is devastating to a woman to find out this type of information. It takes years to recover from this type of humilation. These men have serious problems. They can't see a good woman in front of them. It is a serious problem of our society and something needs to be done about it. Wrecking someone's life is not something to be proud of. I really feel for Jennifer Anniston and Sandra Bullock.


Yes,a woman can sue another person for contributing to the break-up of her marriage, it's called Allienation of Affection.


Just a question---is it legal for someone to sue a woman for "breaking-up" a marriage? If that is true, I sure would love Tiger's wife and Sandy to sue each of these sluts. I know that they wouldn't because of the whole stories being dragged through public courts, but I would just love to have them all served with 'papers' and watch them scream "UNFAIR"!!!!!!


In my opinion, Gloria Allred and her stupid daughter [on TrueTV] are actually turning out to be the whores. This crap about "Oh, the married men told them that they loved them and these poor dears had their feeling hurt". Damn, give me a break. If I had a dollar for every time a man pulled crap like that on me, I would be a fairly wealthy older woman! It is all for the money. I just can't believe that the parents of these sluts don't find anything wrong with their daughters sleeping around with married men. On wonders about Gloria Allred's morals. Not once did she feel sorry for Tiger's wife and I am sure that she doesn't care about Sandra. But, if Sandy had hired Gloria as her divorce attorney, then all these low-lifes would be just sluts! Gloria, it is for the money that you want Tiger and Jesse to fork across. She wants her one third of the take. Your know Gloria, whores do ANYTHING for money, even become attorneys.


just read on another site, the bombshell does not like her "fan mail" tells us all to f%&k off.if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, don't do anything in the dark that can't stand the light.