Tiger Woods Gets Sprung

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Tiger Woods just got sprung, and we don't mean in the way Rachel Uchitel used to ... forget it. He has officially left sex addiction rehab, according to reports.

His wife, Elin Nordegren Woods, flew to Hattiesburg, Miss., earlier this week, to be with him as he exited the Gentle Path program he had been enrolled in.

Elin and Charlie Woods

Elin and Tiger are flying out of Mississippi on Friday and are planning on spending some quality time alone as they attempt to repair their broken marriage.

There's been no official statement from the Woods camp on his release from rehab. Then again, there had never been an official statement on his entry.

Elsewhere on the Tiger Woods rumor mill:

He's supposedly returning to golf at the Accenture Match Play Championship this month. Ironic, since Accenture was the first company to cut ties with Tiger.

"We don't know anything official yet, but wouldn't that be nice?" Wade Dunagan, the executive director of the big PGA event, told the Arizona Daily Star.

"The main question is, 'Do I know anything you don't?' The answer is no. We're still in the dark. I can't confirm or deny anything, because I don't know."

PGA Tour spokesman Chris Reimer said as much, calling reports of the golfer's return merely "speculation." The Accenture event is February 17-21.

In the meantime, though, Tiger Woods' mistresses continue to garner massive amounts of media attention, albeit my increasingly ridiculous means.

Yesterday, porn star Joslyn James held a freaking press conference to voice displeasure over a company's decision to market a line of new golf balls.

Golf balls with faces of Tiger Woods' women emblazoned on them.

In one of her most outlandish arguments yet, James' lawyer, Gloria Allred (of course) likened the balls' existence to a vicarious form of domestic violence.

LOL. Sure, Gloria. You keep telling yourself that.

"This would be no different than using a picture of a woman's face for target practice," Allred said of the hilarious product, somehow with a straight face.

"This can lead to violence," Joslyn said. "It can lead to violence against women and it must be stopped." Because your face is on a golf ball, really?

Whatever. The question remains: Can sex addiction rehab help Tiger? Will he come out of this a better man? Vote in our survey below:


Well said vswilson... agree 101% God bless the Tiger Woods family. Forget the past pains, take the lessons and live happily ever after


The best of everything to Tiger and his wife. What they do in their private lives is their business, and these losers like Nancy Grace and that other loud mouth with a similar show to Nancy's should mind their own business. Tiger's wife is one heck of a woman to forgive. Hey! sex is life. That's what people do. So everybody sort out your own misgivings, and leave them the heck alone. Can't wait to see Tiger back on the 1st tee. And that laywer woman who says Tiger should be banned from golf for life - she's needs some psychiatric treatment.


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Please put Tiger back in rehab for his foul-mouthed club-throwing tirades on the course.


Karma-bangurself, Great product huh? and studies show this will be a hot market success! I suggest u blow hard on this B======D ~~~~


Are most of you on this thread not from the U.S.? If you are, then you need to go back to school for some spelling & grammar lessons. Atrocious. Matt, you're just nasty! It's disturbing that you even thought of that!


Dont expect tiger to put up with Elin fir long. I know first hand Tiger was forced to that sex rehab...and he wacked 5 hotties when he was in there. Me and tiger are working on A new line of golf clubs that double as sex toys, called Big Vagina Woods. They will be a carbon copy of Tigers giant member, but with slightly larger heads. Woods covers will be shaped to match Elins vagina. When the Wood is inserted into the cover, a sound of a woman having orgazim will be heard. Stay tuned...


And so the spin continues: must be getting image advice from the Clintons. And....like the Phoenix Tiger will rise from the ashes...


I agreed 100% with Allysa ("as you welcome the new world. Do not mind the people saying bad words against you Tiger, we still believe in change and you have our support. Just be strong and you got your bestfriend Elin and your kids. Keep winning the game. Put to silence the condemnators.." May God bless Tiger, Elin and their lovely kids ! Of all the e-news, I feel most of them ridiculous... But the latest e-news I read regarding Tiger getting out of rehab just in time for Charlie Woods first birthday... I do hope that e-news to be true...and much looking forward to see a lovely family photo of that Charlie Woods first birthday. The Woods family is a lovely God gifted family and should not deserve those harmful "bashing" of the tabloid/media.


all da best to de woods family.God bless

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