Golf Ball Set Lets You Tag Tiger Woods' Mistresses

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Embattled golf legend Tiger Woods invited all sorts of women to play around with his balls. Now you can play a round with balls featuring said women!

That joke duck-hooked out of bounds, but our point is this: Someone came out with a collection of 12 golf balls emblazoned with Tiger's mistresses.

"Tail of the Tiger," the enterprising website selling these hilarious items, notes says they are "designed to lift the spirits of golfers around the world."

The only "lift" Woods got was ... yeah, never mind.

Anyway, this is your chance to play Tiger and the tag the crap out of Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs & Co. (just try to say out of the rough... or something).

Our only two problems with this amusing novelty:

  1. The set costs a ridiculous $53.60.
  2. There are only 11 named Tiger Woods mistresses, so they cheated and made a generic "cougar" (top right) to make it an even dozen ...
Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Which Tiger Woods mistress is your favorite?


At this pace he will break Wilts records before jacks!!!
Go Tiger Go!
Where can I buy the sets, I want as many as I can get... Thanks Joey


where can I buy these, I can't find them only the story about the girl whining about it. I think she's just mad she's not making money on them!


That's top shelf marketing, no doubt about it! What would really be a hoot is Tiger being in on it somehow, cashing in on his own whores. What a guy!


how much do these balls cost? I'd buy them too. i love tiger woods..he is so hot.


I'd buy them but I'd be too worried about getting the balls dirty. I'm being serious, I suck at golf and they are expensive balls.


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