Lost Episode Review: Answers and Revelations Galore!

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This is a reaction typically reserved for Megan Fox pictures, but: OMFG!

Last night's episode of Lost (titled "The Substitute" and reviewed in depth here) shed light on a number of topics that have plagued the minds of long-time fans since season one.

What are the numbers? Why were the castaways brought to the island? How impressive is Sawyer's tolerance? Discover the answers to these questions, and talk about them with fellow fans, below.

THE NUMBERS correlate to various characters. As the Man in Black (under the guise of John Locke) told Sawyer: "Jacob had a thing for numbers." He assigned one to each individual he brought to the island, handing out the digits with which we're most familiar to those alive in 2007... with the exception of Kate.

THEY WERE BROUGHT TO THE ISLAND as "candidates" to take over for Jacob, Fake Locke said. The late (great?) deity was looking for someone to take over his job as protector of the island. From what? Nothing, Fake Locke claimed.

Locke in Wheelchair

DID WE SEE JACOB AS A CHILD? At one point, Fake Locke went chasing after a boy that randomly appeared in the jungle and told this seemingly evil entity: You can't kill him. Our best theory: this was a younger version of Jacob.

ARE HAPPY ENDINGS AHEAD? In the sideways, 2004 universe, we saw a version of Locke that eventually came to grips with his wheelchair-bound status. He was also engaged to Helen and on good terms with his father. He learned lessons that the island castaway in 2007 struggled with for years. In some way, these timelines are connected and characters will get a second chance at happiness/redemption in their rebooted 2004 lives.

Pressing questions from the episode include:

  • Can we trust Fake Locke?
  • Where is his "home?"
  • How does the issue of free will play into everything?
  • What is Ilana up to? What does she know? What's her plan?
  • Can we hand Terry O'Quinn his Emmy Award now?

We could go on for days, but let's turn it over to readers: What was your reaction to this episode? Were you satisfied with the answers provided? What else are you dying to learn?