Sarah Palin Lays Into Obama, Uses Crib Notes, Says Nothing of Substance

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Sarah Palin gave the keynote address at last night's National Tea Party convention in Nashville.

Offering no policy alternatives, but winking often, the former Governor of Alaska assailed Barack Obama and the current administration. Regarding his plummeting poll numbers and the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, Palin taunted:

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"How's that hope-y, change-y stuff workin' out for you? You'd better stop lecturing and start listening."

Asked how she would handle terrorism, she said simply: "We win. They lose."

Right. Thanks for playing, Sarah.

In case she forgot the key points with which she'd rile up the crowd, yet not actually deal with in any rational manner, Palin made like a middle school student and scribbled them on her hand:

Other than general conservative principles - such as lower taxes (which Obama has done) - the speech was bereft of Palin's own ideas, an indication that she may not run for President in 2012 or has no ideas. Possibly both.

If the Republicans take back the House later this year, Palin was asked the top three items that should be on their agenda. Her response:

  1. Rein in spending.
  2. Devote resources to coal and oil as sources for energy.
  3. Focus on divine intervention for the country.

Seriously. Those were her top three policy initiatives on her list.

She wasn't asked how much cash she pocketed for posing with daughter Bristol on the cover of a supermarket tabloid.

Using her speech to incite a crowd that already thinks Obama is a tyrant socialist - an awfully ineffective one, if so, as he's given billions to the banks - Palin implored: "America is ready for another revolution!"

It's unclear what this actually means, except that Palin knows how to draw applause from an auditorium full of misguided citizens that may mean well... but possess no grasp on reality.

While she didn't comment on any plans for the White House, the crowd stood and cheered at one point:"Run, Sarah, Run!"

Is something you'd like to see? Do you hope Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012?


The winking disturbs me. Makes her seem like a used car salesman. We know how shady they appear. (Insert your deity here) help us if she becomes president.


Umm I wonder why all the Palin bashers are not bashing Diane Feinstein when she did the same thing, hmm talk about double standard...


This bitch dumber than the shit she lays!


Teleprompters - Big Deal. It's a media intensive society -naturally, they will be used. When you get the Big Boy seat at the White House, it is a perk that comes with the job. At least, President Obama can read. When you consider the previous tongue-tied politician you were left to wonder (1) Is he sober ? or (2) Can he read ? The system didn't get busted overnight; it won't be fixed overnight - unless of course - Everyone would prefer President Obama declare Martial Law. Sarah Palin should be encouraged to run for President...President of Antartica - the only land mass not claimed by another country. In the meantime, perhaps, she'd consider be the United States Special Envoy to the Taliban :} Sam


for real tho scares me. So frightened of universal healthcare and distribution of wealth. So frightened that the status quo may change. Yes trying to implement social change and make things a bit more bearable and equal for those that draw a short straw almost from birth must be so threatening to you. Cretin, help doesn't always equal reliance if implemented in the right way. It benefits people like you in the long run dumbass, because when you live in an unequal society, people revolt on those that contribute to their oppression in the first place. That means you and others of your ilk. You're the true hypocrite. The word that you so love to bander about to others. And short sighted, because you can't even see it inadvertedly, YES, inadvertedly, benefits you too.


My fellow republicans give Bush 2 terms. I will bet money that Prez Obama will win in 2012.


PPL are so clueless. Almost anybody if not ALL ppl read from something when giving a speech. Sarah Palin had a notebook she was reading from. (If you didn't noticed she'd look down and up every 2 secs!) The stuff on her hand is from an interview she had. I've never seen Obama use notes while getting interviewed.


Obama can't even read from a teleprompter. How do you pronounce CORPS MAN. The Supreme Leader thinks he's brilliant, he's a rank amateur idiot that has no clue of what he's doing. He will never win a 2nd term, PERIOD!!!!!


Hollywood Gossip uses Sarah Palin's name for ad bait,Publishes nothing worth reading during its entire history.


the goal is to obliterate the middle class, there will be no middle class! make those in need completely dependent and reliant on the govt., the govt. that controls who gets money and benefits and who does not...the goal is as un-American as Obama is himself, and it is sickening to read that 53% of the democrats in office do not have a problem with socailism...hence, their support for this iniexperienced oaf....the one they will blame when the country catches on....

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