Report: Tiger and Elin Woods Living Apart

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Tiger Woods is back home Orlando, Fla., having completed sex addiction rehab therapy, but is currently living apart from wife Elin Nordegren, according to sources.

Elin picked up Tiger as he left rehab and they spent some time alone. But now, they are reportedly living in separate houses he owns in Orlando, just miles apart.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

The marriage, while not over, is said to be extremely fragile.

Elin has put the divorce on hold, leading many to believe Tiger is out of the ... woods. Sorry. But she is still not over Tiger’s betrayal and things remain strained.

We can't imagine why.

Tiger's playoff win at the 2008 U.S. Open was a watershed moment for the couple. A low point? Elin Woods' painful nine-iron shot the morning after Thanksgiving 2009.

She is still not wearing her wedding ring and there is no physical contact between the couple, who see each other when they shuttle their children back and forth.

As for Tiger's battle with sex addiction - either a worthy endeavor, lost cause, or huge joke (says someone who calls him a sex rehab center) - he's still fighting it.

“Tiger has had follow up care,” a source said. “He spent time with Elin but they are not living together. It’s a slow process. There’s no guarantee it will work out."

“The kids have been going back and forth between homes.”

Tiger, who's planning a return to golf, is trying to avoid the spotlight, but that has to end at some point. It's just a matter of when, and whether he'll be married.

Elin Woods should ...


I fully agree with niff ... in fact I think USA needs to revamp the whole idea of marriage - it's a farce


Preferably without that fool!!


I LOVE ELIN! She's a doll! She's just great.


Tiger should paint a big L on his forehead then maybe we would believe him. He is a loooooooozer.
Go play golf with John daly and leave Elin in peace, because you will hurt her again.Loooooooooooooooozer


Living apart from Elin is perfect for Tiger! He can bring young whores to his pad and pound them to his heart's content.


C'mon, Elin, tell Cheatah "yuh can't touch dis"


According to media reports, Tiger Woods pleaded and begged Elin Nordegren not to divorce him, making her all kind of promises. In spite of all her pain and suffering, Elin agreed to call off the divorce and to give Tiger time to prove that he is committed to change and to save their marriage. Let’s see how serious Tiger is about this. Meanwhile, it is very wise of Elin to keep going on with her life for her benefit and the benefit of her children. Life is too precious to spend it with someone that may not be worth it. Keep strong Elin, you are a true woman!


Tiger the man, even if they sliced his balls off at the "rehab."
Let's see how he sounds when he gets back.


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How do you know she's staying for the money ? It's clear she could get millions if she gets a divorce.
Stop calling her a goldigger. She's not a stupid woman who married obviously well below her class.
Stop trashing Elin. She's the innocent victim in this sordid story.

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