Source: Tiger and Elin Woods to Remain Married

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We've debated if sex rehab can help Tiger Woods salvage his marriage and be a better man. The latter is up for debate, but it seems to have done the former.

Despite his astounding string of sexual exploits, Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren, has called off any plans to divorce the world's #1 golfer, according to reports.

Elin Nordegren Woods, Kids

Elin spent last week visiting Tiger in his sex addiction rehab program. Time and Tiger's actions since the scandal broke prompted her not to file for divorce.

Sources say initially, Elin Woods made up her mind to dump her husband after he was linked to more countless mistresses and his secret life was revealed.

But Tiger has begged for a second chance, sought treatment to save his marriage with the help of sex addiction therapy and so far it seems to be working.

"He's told her he's serious about making it work and doing whatever he can," the source said. "The stress has taken a big toll, but she's a strong woman."

Somehow, it looks like Tiger Woods' marriage will survive.

A big reason for her eventual willingness to reconcile? Elin Woods, a child of divorce herself, doesn't want to raise their two little children without a father.

"Elin wants a solid family life," according to a Florida insider, and Tiger wants to hold onto his family and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

"Tiger wants to go back to being a golf star with endorsements," a source told People. "But keeping the family together is the most important thing to Tiger so he is doing whatever it takes to keep Elin from leaving him with the kids."

Even go through a six-week counseling session in which he comes clean about all his dalliances - and then some - with his spouse right there with him.

Not that there are many secrets left, after Elin's texting with Rachel Uchitel blew the lid off his affair and the tabloids uncovered another 11 mistresses.

"This is the rough part where the patient has to admit that he [cheated]," a former patient of the Mississippi clinic where Tiger is being treated says.

It looks like it's working though. Rebuilding his image will be another story ...


I would hope the following can be directed to Tiger and Elin. I believe you two will continue your marriage. Should this be so, then congratulations. (from New Zealand!) Any "addiction" is a terrible form of illness, not in this case so much a matter of morals. Tiger you did well in entering a treatment program - I am proud of you! You have no reason to be humiliated. I am not a golfer but I love to watch you play and you could well be the greatest sportsman ever. Make your come-back. Elin I think of you as a most wonderful person and wife Yes you are brave, you are more mature than ever, you know about tough-love (or love that is tough.) My love and prayers are with you both. (And take no note of those who seek to shove you into Christianity, which I say though I am a Christian. You ought follow the faith which is your own.
Rev.Dr Terry Creagh


Tiger is pure scum. A dog without control. He'll never change. Once pussy chaser always pussy chaser. Even if they cut his balls clean off at rehab he'd still be humping everything that moves.


I think we are missing what a cheat Tiger has been to golf and his peers. The ass has reduced and degraded all of his peers chances to make signing bonuses with large companies. Tiger is a liar and a cheat to everyone in and outside his private life. I do not doubt that he has also been taking steroids to boost his winnings. LOOK at his perfect body now and where it was when he was amatear and ask yourself where does his cheating stop... I personally believe NOWHERE


I have been through family week, not for infidelity, but for my husband's alcohol disease. It is a very trying week and very rewarding a safe at the same time. I am so....glad that Elin, is doing the right thing and giving Tiger another chance. He is a wonderful man that just got caught up with all of the fame and money, etc. I really think he is crazy about his wife and childrena and this will do Tiger a world of good. We will see totally different man after the 12 step program I am willing to bet on it.
I think he just needs to concentrate on his beautiful family and what a great golfer he is.
Tiger, get it all back together and bring Elin and the children everywhere you go and go win those tournaments sweetie. You have a ton of people pulling for you and your family.


Hey guys just go on with your lives!That's how we people are and especially the women.As soon as they see that you're a happy couple,happy family ,they have to spoil it.Don't let any body spoil yours.Tiger I hope you learned sth. Blessings


Can we believe in the e-news at all ? I recalled in early Jan 2010, there were numreous e-news from various blogs citing Elin hiring private investigator to check Tiger's wealth....raiding Tiger Woods Corporate Office and putting boxes in uhaul if the big bang of divorce will proceed.... But now this week, the wave of e-news are all on alleged visit by Elin to Missississippi sex rehab centre and then a whole bunch of e-news citing marriage will stay etc etc...


cant see how 2weeks of sex rehab can change a man who clearly has some long term serious emotional and sexual issues???? how elin has managed to take him back is a real puzzle. life for them will never be the same. next time he shags his mistresses ill have no sympathy for elin.


tiger woods will just come out of rehad and get right back into action, elins is fool to think a man who has had 14 woman going on while he was married is gonna stop doing what hes been doing, he doesnt deserve a second chance, obviously tigers PR team and all his hangers-on must be pleased they live to see another payday.


This is what marriage is about. If you're not in it for the long haul..."marriage isn't for you". Tiger screwed up big time but she married him and vowed to stay with him. I truly hope that they are able to make it...good luck.


What did this mean ? This e-rumour had not mentioned it but other e-rumours said something like this (a)..stayed in marriage even if it meant Tiger & Woods are friends and not lovers (b)...stayed in marriage even if it mean Tiger & Woods are friends and not husband-and-wife relationship... What on earth is this ? If any of these versions is true, it is but a "fake" marriage ...or is it tabloid/media is fabricated something because they got nothing "bad" to write now that the couple said they remain in marriage.

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