Tiger Woods: Sex Rehab Cheater?

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Stop the presses. The National Enquirer is alleging that Tiger Woods cheated ... while in sex addiction rehab. They may be stretching it a little bit here.

Sure, the entertainment news rag broke the scandal of Tiger's affair with Rachel Uchitel, which in turn led to nearly a dozen other affairs unraveling.

And sure, they also broke the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter scandal, for which some people think they deserve a Pulitzer Prize (seriously, look that up).

But Tiger cheating on Elin Nordegren in sex rehab? Come on.

The only reason he's there is to salvage the marriage she's somehow still committed to. Such an affair would also be fairly hard to pull off logistically.

Nevertheless, a "hostile" Tiger Woods exploded with pent-up rage during sex addiction therapy and treated the program as a joke, The Enquirer says.

Maybe they mean "cheating" as in on an exam of some kind.

He denied he has a problem, says the tabloid's source, and worse yet, ridiculed fellow patients and refused to cooperate with his rehab therapists.

The disgraced golfer even "treated group therapy with such contempt that he caused one female patient to break down in tears," the source claims.

"What a cheat!" the source said. "Tiger's so-called sex rehabilitation is a joke. He went into rehab as a sex addict, and he's leaving rehab as one."

"He has been in complete denial the whole time."

"Tiger isn't about to change his stripes. As soon as Elin takes her eyes off him, he will be hopping into bed with the first bimbo that catches his eye."

As for the alleged cheating that took place there? They don't really elaborate on that, but hey. Details, right? Would we doubt it at this point? (Yes.)

Will sex addiction rehab help Tiger?


niggas thought tht he was sweet nigga got caught cheatin.Bro to a bro you stupid for getting caught


oh please he's not a sex addict, that's just a way for him to keep shagging around so of course he's treating it as a joke! erin should dump him, he'll never change.


Males like these DO NOT change. I've been married to two of them...and like Elin tried to salvage the family. Take my well experienced advice both as a victim and awareness counselor. Move on. Although I might take a guess and say maybe Elin is not going to throw him away just yet....she's gonna make Rachel froth...and Tiger. Might be good revenge.


I wouldn't touch Cheatah with a 10-foot disinfected pole. He's gross.


It is time for Tiger Woods to put and end to this horrid situation for his sake and the sake of his family. Tiger needs to break his silence, make a public statement admitting his addiction or issues and move on with his life. The public needs to hear from Tiger if he is committed to his rehab, his family and his career. Tiger’s statement can help end malicious rumors and innuendos from those out there attacking him. I hope he does this soon because this on going ordeal has caused his family enough pain and suffering already.


he will never change! those kinda guys will always be the same! tiger is a pompous ass and full of himself...these celebrities think its OK to behave in this manner and have no shame, well shame on him


wat a perv


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